Using PerfectForms Notification Attachment Feature

Hello PerfectForms Community,

Today I would like to give you some useful notification tips. PerfectForms notifications are much more than simply passing a message. In addition to providing a message, the Notification Attachment Feature offers 3 additional functions: Insert, Print, and Existing Instance. By utilizing any of these 3 functions you can maximize efficiency when passing data.

Notification Attachment Feature
The Insert functionality will allow you to pass a file attached to a form instance from a notification. Insert can expedite portions of your workflow where the passing of attached files is necessary.
Print is a very handy feature for those of you who need a paper copy of a form at any point of your workflow. The Print functionality can be used to send a PDF of the form as an attachment instead of opening up the instance and clicking a print button. Print can be beneficial as a PDF can be sent to a user without granting access to the form itself.
Existing Instance is a functionality that can be used to send a copy of a different instance from your form or an instance of a separate form. This can be very handy with linked or parent-child forms as you can produce a copy of every instance created in the workflow.

With PerfectForms Notification Attachment Feature, you can build a form that shares information in a streamlined manner. PDF or file attachments in a notification can lower the level of effort needed to pull data from a form, allow for files to be transferred directly, and share vital information while keeping access limited. I hope this post helps you with your form design, if you have additional questions or comments please feel free to post below.

Thanks for reading and happy form building!

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