Using Process Management Software for Customer Feedback

Most businesses use Business Process Automation software for many aspects of their operations. They may use it to streamline their marketing process, or to standardize how employees put in maintenance requests or report absences. But one function you may not be aware of is to use software to facilitate communications with your customers.

One of the many ways you can communicate with your customers is with surveys. The results of surveys can give you vital feedback on how customers like your product or how effective your customer service is. It can also tell you important information on what types of products and services your customers are looking for in the future, so that you may offer them.

Customer surveys can also help you understand who is buying your product. You can perform surveys to find out how old your customers are, what their income is, what movies they watch, what books they read, and where else they like to shop. This information helps you target your marketing message to the needs and wants of specific groups.

Finally, PerfectForms electronic survey forms can be used as a marketing tool by suggesting other products based on your customers’ answers. This is a useful HTML form builder for up-selling other products, and allows you to target your customers when they have already bought something. This is an ideal time to market to them, when they are happy and looking to buy again.


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