Using Workflow Tools to Manage Coworking Spaces

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Coworking spaces are shared workspaces that offer amenities to the self-employed and to telecommuters. A coworking space can be an excellent alternative to a home office, offering features like private meeting rooms, clerical services, and office equipment. Some charge daily fees, while others have memberships and monthly fees.

Users of coworking spaces tend to thrive there, gaining a feeling that their work is meaningful, that they have more control over their job, and that they’re part of a community rather than being just another isolated telecommuter with a home office. The level of socialization in coworking spaces is comparable to that in ordinary office environments, with some users naturally socializing more than others.

Organization Vital to Making It Look Easy

The best coworking spaces offer a well-designed work environment and a well-curated selection of workspace services. While on the surface it might seem easy – rent some office space and sublet chunks of it on a daily or monthly basis – in reality, it takes smart workflows to keep a coworking space operating smoothly.

Perhaps a certain number of desks are set aside for daily “drop-ins,” while others are reserved in advance. If there are private meeting rooms for clients to use, they will need to be scheduled to prevent usage conflicts. And shared office equipment, like copiers and fax machines, have to be stocked, maintained, and occasionally repaired. The right workflow tools can make all the difference between a haphazardly run space and one that is inviting, predictable, and productive.

How Coworking Spaces Succeed

Whether a coworking space is carved out from a company that has some extra office space to sublet, or whether space is solely devoted to coworking, companies that offer it tend to have multiple income streams to turn a profit. Typically, they earn revenue through coworking memberships, service fees for things like basic secretarial services, and by holding workshops and classes.

Each of these income streams should be managed with a workflow designer that is flexible and powerful, yet easy to use. For example, workflow designer software could be used to create the forms and workflows necessary for users to reserve space and pay for it. It could also be used to create workflows for planning and executing workshops, or forms and workflows related to requesting and delivering administrative services.

Don’t Forget About Scaling Your Own Team

Online forms

If your coworking space takes off, you may have to scale your own team up.

One thing the successful coworking space tends to forget about is the fact that as space becomes more popular to freelancers, self-employed, and telecommuters who use it, running the space competently will require additional personnel. Workflows help companies offering coworking space to manage their own staff optimally, which helps improve the experience of everyone involved. Workflows for scheduling administrative workers, managing equipment upkeep, and signing up for special rooms or services can help tremendously as a coworking space grows more popular.

Helpful Workflows for Managing Coworking Spaces

Here are some ideas for workflows you can create with your workflow tools to help your coworking space operate smoothly:

  • Locker assignment for coworking space users to store personal items
  • Sign-up for workshops or seminars
  • Reservations for daily, weekly, or monthly usage of space
  • Request for clerical services like faxing, mailing, or basic data entry
  • User sign-up for niceties like who brings coffee which day
  • User surveys to ensure their needs are met
  • Online membership application and processing

Currently there are over 7,000 providers of coworking spaces around the world, and that number is growing. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing real estate sub-sectors, with specialties like niche communities, multiple locations, and concierge services. But running a coworking space requires exquisite organization and attention to detail, which typically requires the use of form creator software. PerfectForms is the workflow form creation software that allows non-technical professionals to create custom forms and workflows that can be adapted to practically any business use, including membership applications, room reservations, surveys, and service requests. The workflow tools provided by PerfectForms allow optimal management of coworking spaces so they serve users while generating revenue and minimizing waste. What’s more, you can try PerfectForms for free by signing up for a free trial. See for yourself how easy it is to create the workflows you need to make perfection look easy.


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