We’re a Small Business. Why Do We Need Business Process Management?

Workflow automation software

Many small businesses are established on shoestring budgets. Founders wear many hats and take on tasks that result in a lot of work hours – the price many entrepreneurs pay to turn their business dream into reality.

As a consequence, many small businesses forego tools they think won’t have a speedy return on investment. Sometimes this decision is short-sighted. Business tools that were once considered only for large, established enterprises are now available to smaller businesses. Yet, many smaller businesses overlook these tools, thinking they can always implement them later, once they’re turning a bigger profit and operating predictably.

BPM software is one example of a business tool that some small business owners imagine is too expensive or has too long an ROI to be worthwhile in the early days of the business. In reality, BPM solutions have much to offer small businesses, and the ROI of the right small business process management tool can be surprisingly swift.

Consistency Is One Key to Scalable Growth

Trying to scale a business that doesn’t have high levels of product or service consistency is a recipe for disaster. BPM software is designed to help businesses develop levels of consistency and efficiency that increase profits. BPM software makes it easier.

With BPM software, your small business can develop logical business processes that help everyone on the team stay aligned and perform at their peak. Without it, tasks may be accomplished in a haphazard or inefficient manner, making consistent quality elusive. BPM solutions open the door to not only smarter processes, but easier scalability.

BPM Can Prevent Development of Organizational Silos

Without BPM software, business processes that develop “organically” are at risk of team members becoming territorial and overly focused on their part of a process. That myopic point of view eventually leads to the creation of organizational “silos” that are essentially walled off from each other. Graphics may have a particular way of doing things. Marketing may have another. When Graphics and Marketing functions are not integrated, frustration and resentment can build between the two departments when they must work together.

Companies that implement BPM solutions allow all process stakeholders to take a more holistic view of processes, learning what other people and teams are doing, and why they’re doing it. The simple act of being able to check the status of a process using BPM software can save tremendous amounts of time and effort.

Measuring Success Is Important from Day One

The right BPM software makes it easy for your team to designate important metrics and key performance indicators, helping you to build a track record that you can eventually use to predict trends and forecast staffing and vendor needs more accurately. Business processes can be defined so that data is automatically collected with each step, making it far easier to analyze successes and failures, create insightful reports, and even demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations. If you start out your small business using BPM software, you gain all these advantages from the beginning, and you won’t face the disruption of organically developed processes having BPM solutions applied to them.

Sticky Notes, Emails, and Spreadsheets Won’t Do It

If you experience any growth at all you will rapidly outgrow the capabilities of ubiquitous office tools like sticky notes, emails, and spreadsheets. All three of these have their place in business, but ensuring consistency, scalability, quality, and regulation compliance are not in their purview. Your boutique law firm or small consultancy can try to standardize processes using spreadsheets or emails, but the time will come sooner, rather than later, when errors creep in, messages are lost, or people simply forget what happened when.

BPM software like PerfectForms can prevent many of the “growing pains” businesses experience when scaling. BPM offers consistency, precise tracking, simple reporting, and perfectly customized business process designs right out of the box. You won’t have to hire a programmer because PerfectForms features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows process users and owners to build processes that are perfectly tailored to their requirements. We invite you to read through some of our case studies. See for yourself how the right BPM software can open the door to success.


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