What Does BPM Software Do?

Even if you don’t know what “business process management” (BPM) is, the concept makes sense on its face. Managing business processes indicates that you have control and can change things when they need it. Businesses in today’s marketplace simply can’t remain static and hope to stay competitive.


BPM software solution

Continual improvement is a hallmark of competitiveness in today’s marketplace.


Business process management, implemented by BPM software, is a concept that can benefit your business whether you make toys, solar panels, or industry-influencing reports. Every business has processes, some of them simple and straightforward, and others complex and multi-layered. BPM software is the toolkit that lets you improve processes and help them evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the business world. But it’s important to go about BPM in the right way.


Automating Inefficient Processes Is Short-Sighted at Best

If your business has a process that’s inefficient, you could probably automate several parts of it and speed it up. But that doesn’t address the root problem of it being an inefficient process. Business process management starts with understanding which processes you follow because “we’ve always done it that way,” and which you follow because they make sense and make your business better. Many inefficiencies can be overcome by technology, and designing out the inefficiencies wherever possible is the smart first step before implementing BPM software to automate and streamline processes.


What Are Your Competitive Differentiators?

Understanding what your organization’s competitive differentiators are is crucial. What makes you stand out from the competition, and what are the ways you can make those competitive differentiators even better? This involves identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking them.


From there, you can analyze processes and determine ways they can be improved, automated, or streamlined. With BPM software, you can design these processes and create online workflows that make following these improved processes simple. Once you do this, you can re-check KPIs and fine-tune to extract the maximum improvement from your modified processes. Then you monitor KPIs so if one or more shows problems, you can act swiftly to correct them.


What Needs Fine-Tuning and What Needs Re-Engineering?


BPM software solution

Optimization is sometimes a matter of judicious fine-tuning.


You may find that optimizing some processes only requires some fine-tuning, but optimizing other processes requires more radical change. With a good BPM software solution, you can handle either of these tasks with confidence. The right BPM software will allow you to diagram processes easily, so you can gain a top-level overview as well as delving into the details. It will also allow you to sketch out possible solutions, whether you’re making minor changes or major ones. None of this should require that you pull someone off your IT team or hire a programmer, because today you can get BPM software that’s made for non-programmers to be able to do the work without ever writing a line of code.


Good BPM Software Is Like a GPS for Your Business

Using GPS software on your phone or tablet helps you get to where you’re going. Likewise, BPM software helps your business get to where it’s going in the most efficient manner. Perhaps you need to optimize one process for speed, but optimize another process for cost control. Your BPM software should have the flexibility and power to allow you to do that.


PerfectForms, the same software that allows you to create online forms and workflows, can be put to work as outstanding BPM software, so you can create simple or complex BPM solutions without needing a programmer. PerfectForms has a drag and drop editor that allows you to create BPM solutions on an intuitive “canvas” interface, and you can easily add powerful reporting to your workflows.



It used to be that BPM software was a major capital expense and investment of time. However, BPM software has improved to where it can be used easily by the actual people who understand and know how to design workflows. PerfectForms, which lets you create electronic versions of your paper forms, also allows you to design custom workflows that can fine-tune, modify, or completely re-engineer your business processes.


If you would like to know more about how to put PerfectForms to work as your BPM software solution, we invite you to contact us at any time. We would be thrilled to hear from you and happy to answer all your questions.


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