What is PerfectForms?

PerfectForms is a software application for creating and deploying web-based solutions to manage workflow, streamline collaborative processes and provide actionable analysis without writing any code. It’s perfect for non-technical people who need to manage complex business tasks and need 100% control over the look and feel of their applications. PerfectForms is available in two deployment options, on-demand or on-premise, to meet your unique needs.

*On-Demand is a zero-footprint solution hosted by PerfectForms that enables businesses to reduce their application development costs while significantly improving information management, analysis and operation procedures.

* On-Premise is a licensed business applications platform that enables a business to develop Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in their own IT hosting environment (private cloud) behind the firewall.

The service enables you to easily build web forms that help manage and monitor your business. With little technical know-how, you can rapidly create complete workflow solutions with no coding required. The powerful, graphical editor allows you to visually design the user interface, define the workflow and set up connections to other systems.

PerfectForms allows you to;

* Build intelligent, visually rich forms
* Design simple or complex workflows completely without coding
* Send automatic notifications, reminders and escalations when action is required
* Create impressive drill down reports with data grids, graphs, charts and gauges
* Get full visibility to your business process with the PerfectForms Dashboard
* Integrate easily with LDAP, databases and other systems

PerfectForms gives its users 100% control over form design and deployment. Its workflow solutions and reporting capabilities rival those found in large scale enterprise platforms, making it well suited for the most demanding and complex environments. Offering the flexibility of on-premise or on-demand, PerfectForms puts companies in the driver’s seat and gives them a competitive edge in today’s fast moving business environment.