When Forms Can Replace Tasks

There are many day-to-day tasks that keep a business running smoothly.  For most of these tasks, it takes a qualified individual to make sure they are done correctly.  Sometimes though, tasks are simple enough to be automated through the use of forms.  If enough tasks can be automated, you may even be able to eliminate a position in your company to free up money for other departments.

If you’re using paper invoices, checks, purchase order, and more, then that paperwork must be physically process by a person.  If you were to make digital forms for those items though, nothing would need to be printed and everything could be automated.  For example, your accountant could enter the correct info in to the software, your employees could use digital purchase order forms, and income could be directly deposited into employee accounts.  This skips entirely the person who would have processed all that paperwork.

Basically, anything that uses simple math, black and white responses, etc. can be transferred into procedure software.  Since those digital transactions are instant, you’d likely see an increase in efficiency as well as income.


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