When to Send a Form

For every business, and even more so for a start-up business, it is important to have a professional brand image.  If you are not seen as professional, you would be less likely to attract clients.  This means that your presentation and communication mediums should look and function as polished as possible.  Consider using html forms to send invoices, surveys, and review forms to your clients.  When they see a form customized by your company, it will add to your credibility. When you use a form creator, you can create professional-looking forms for a variety of customer interactions.  For example, your website might need a subscribe form for your newsletter or blog.  You might them use a questionnaire form for your email marketing campaign.  Ultimately, you hope there would be purchase form or invoice when you get a conversion.  Finally, you can send out a thank you form, appreciating your customer and asking them to leave you a positive review.


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