Why BPM Software and CRM Work Better Together

BPM stands for business process management, which is a methodical approach to making workflows more efficient, effective, and adaptable. BPM software helps organizations map out processes, identify areas of improvement, automate steps in processes, and measure the outcomes to see if they deliver positive results.

BPM software

Understanding, mapping, and improving processes is what BPM software is all about.

CRM is customer relationship management. CRM software is designed to help businesses manage their business relationships by leveraging the data and information associated with each customer. CRM software allows organizations to store customer and lead information, account information, and sales opportunities centrally so they are accessible in real time.

It makes intuitive sense that skillfully combining BPM software with CRM software can be a wise business move, and an increasing number of businesses are doing it and reaping the benefits.

What Happens When You Effectively Combine BPM and CRM?

Integrating BPM software with CRM software lets you improve the efficiency and productivity of both, and sometimes create new opportunities from this powerful combination. Suppose someone in your company’s credit department is assessing how credit-worthy a potentially big customer is. She has tools dedicated to evaluating credit, but taking a look at the potential customer’s CRM data can help confirm the wisdom of extending credit to them. The result can be smarter business decisions and fewer missed opportunities.

Aligning BPM with CRM Improves Outcomes for Both

If your company elects to use BPM software, making your CRM solution a part of the initiative allows you to blend customer-centric focus into your everyday work processes, helping you keep up with customer needs better. BPM Workflow Software that coordinates with CRM software can help you have a more comprehensive system for customer experience management. The ability to quickly find and make use of vital customer information allows your team to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Benefits of Aligned BPM and CRM

When you strategically align your BPM and CRM solutions, you can expect several benefits, including:

• Better recognition of selling opportunities

• Faster resolution of customer problems

• Better data management and higher quality data

• Improved ability to forecast revenues

• Fewer mistakes compared to accomplishments

• Higher return on investment for both your CRM and BPM software investments

BPM software

Well-integrated BPM and CRM can help you recognize and act upon more selling opportunities.

Get The Most From Your BPM Software

Your Business Process Automation solution should equip your team with features like mobile-friendliness and should offer cloud hosting for maximum flexibility. It shouldn’t require a programming degree to use, and it should offer built-in integrations with popular CRM solutions so you don’t waste time creating integrations from scratch. Look for BPM software that gives you the flexibility to tackle workflows on any scale, from making a single, commonly-used form electronic instead of paper-based to coordinating activities across multiple departments or throughout your organization.


The purpose of CRM software is to help companies built stronger, better relationships with customers. The purpose of BPM software is to eliminate wasteful steps in processes while reducing error rates and clarifying process user roles. Put the two together effectively, and you can make magic.

PerfectForms offers users an intuitive interface that lets them drag and drop elements into place on a virtual canvas to create customized electronic forms and workflows. It includes built-in integrations with Salesforce, SAP, and Google Spreadsheets, as well as a powerful Connection Agent that lets users make custom integrations without programming. Watch our demo and see how easy it can be to add the power of BPM software to your organization while making your CRM solution even better.

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