Why BPM Won’t Go Away in the Age of Robots and Automation

BPM software

Robotics are affecting industries in ways we may never have imagined before.

People in all regions of the world worry about the effect that automation and robotics will have on their employment prospects. Electronics and manufacturing have been hardest hit by advances in automation and robotics, but many other industries are ripe for disruption too.

Clearly, some jobs are difficult to imagine being done by machines, but automation is threatening jobs that many people thought would be safe for a long time, like transportation jobs. So, if everything is going to end up automated anyway, is there any place in the modern economy for business process management (BPM)? The answer is yes!

Automation Requires Extensive Domain Expertise

For automation to be developed, implemented, and properly managed, extensive domain expertise is required. That expertise so far cannot be duplicated by artificial intelligence. In general, innovations in automation technology tend to go along with the creation of newer, more complex tasks that are accomplished by humans. Ultimately, labor and employment levels are restored after a technological disruption.

It only stands to reason that these newly developed, more complex tasks that come about as a result of technological advances will cause the creation of new jobs for people, and the intersection of the human and the automatic is where BPM tools excel.

Technology as a Service and BPM

Companies that may be disrupted by automation are finding that while automation changes things, it doesn’t make BPM software obsolete. Offering different combinations of technologies as a service is expected to become reality as more automation becomes normal and as robotics take over many of the tasks that used to be handled by people.

Where BPM software can prove its mettle is in allowing companies to “shrink wrap” services around technologies, allowing client companies to pick and choose technology bundles to suit their unique needs.

BPM Tools: Bringing Provider and Client Technologies Together

BPM software

BPM software may help providers bridge their technology with that of their clients.

Another important role for BPM software in a more automated future is in facilitating creative partnerships. When two companies have complementary technologies, business process automation tools may make the difference between their being able to combine them practically and successfully, or not. The upshot could be better utilization rates, as companies are better able to outsource certain tasks while putting their own machinery to use during off-hours. If, say, your company only needs access to a particular food processing machine at certain times of the day, it could provide those services to other businesses during the rest of the day, improving efficiency and boosting ROI.

BPM Software Has Long Been About Automation of Routine Processes

Vulnerability to automation is highest for routine tasks. Yet BPM software has been automating routine processes for years. Will BPM software become obsolete as more jobs are automated? Probably not, but its role will undoubtedly change. BPM may become more of a tool for matching up complementary technologies and for offering technology combinations that the companies of tomorrow will need. As long as technology requires human intervention at all, BPM tools will have an important role to play.

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