Why Make the Switch to Digital Forms?

Organizations seeking a way to reduce costs, increase productivity, and simplify workflow will find a solution in online and digital forms. Combining low preliminary long-term cost with numerous streamlined business solutions, digital forms and workflow automation software can help an organization accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.

Increased Productivity

By eliminating bulky sharing processes such as faxing and postal service, digital forms allows team members to collaborate quickly and efficiently, increasing overall productivity. For example, workflow management software allows teams to design, manage, and integrate business processes in an organized manner. Each person in the organization is provided with permissions, information, and tools needed to work more efficiently. Workflow automation software also provides a level of flexibility that can help team members make decisions and address issues more quickly than with traditional methods.


With proper encryption and password protection, digital and online forms are equally or more secure than conventional paper forms. Encryption essentially converts data into a form that can only be read by someone with a special passcode or key. Entire forms can be encrypted, and often specific fields within a form can be encrypted. Additionally, most online form software provides a way to give viewing and editing permission to specific individuals, while also making it possible to track who has viewed or made changes to a document.

Faster Collaboration

Utilizing digital forms can help drastically reduce wait times, fostering faster collaboration both internally and between organizations. Whether launching a project, organizing a team, or establishing a new company process, faster collaboration is beneficial to both the budget and project timeline.

Eco Friendly

Online forms can drastically reduce an organization’s carbon footprint by reducing paper use, and by extension reducing paper-related processes such as printing and mailing. Workflow automation software and digital forms software contribute to a greener, more eco-friendly workplace by allowing an organization to:

  • Distribute employee information, manuals, and important updates online.
  • Automate employee training.
  • Streamline reporting without unnecessary paper use.
  • Automate business processes, helping to clarify responsibilities and timelines.
  • Increase response times and allow teams to collaborate in or near real-time.

Cost Effective

While there are usually initial or monthly payments associated with utilizing digital forms, they are by far a more cost-effective solution in both the short and long term. Taking the costs of paper, printing and copying, postage, and storage solutions required to handle conventional paper forms into consideration, it’s easy to see how going digital can eliminate considerable time and expense.

Whether the goal is increased flexibility, smoother workflows, or more effective organization, digital forms are an excellent tool for businesses and organizations to help them reach their goals.