Why Mobility Will Be Key to BPM Software Success by 2020

Telecommuting and work teams that are mostly mobile are nothing unusual in 2016. From an already impressive 1.32 billion people in the mobile workforce globally in 2014, the number is expected to rise to 1.75 billion by the year 2020 – which will account for 42% of the global workforce!

BPM tool

BPM software can bring your dispersed team together to accomplish amazing things.

Mobile professionals include executives, consultants, sales team members, technicians, and freelancers of all stripes, and more professions are gaining more mobility all the time. Business process management (BPM), goes hand-in-hand with workforce mobility, and mobility is already practically a requirement for today’s BPM solutions. Here’s why mobility will be the key to successful BPM implementation by the year 2020.

Business Process Management Growing Impressively

A recent report by RNR Market Research has forecast that the global market for BPM software will have a compound annual growth rate of 20.9% between now and 2020, and one of the main reasons for that growth is that the mobile workforce is growing and businesses need tools to manage business processes even if their workforce is widely dispersed.

A mobile workforce must not only be available and connected, team members must often work in collaboration across large distances. The right BPM tool can mean the difference between a team that is efficient and communicates well, and a team that proceeds in fits and starts, and doesn’t make the most of technology. Why should you be concerned about finding the right BPM software? Here are three reasons.

Complying with Standard Operating Procedures a BPM Driver

When you have a mobile workforce, you have a certain flexibility, but practices still need to be based on standard operating procedures. Procedures should be documented and audited for compliance on a regular basis. BPM software is outstanding for ensuring that a dispersed workforce complies with standard operating procedures, whether they’re making a sales call or fixing a customer’s broadband connection. And BPM software can not only lay out the steps in any business process, but document they have been completed, so if an audit happens, compliance is easier to prove.

BPM tool

BPM software helps ensure all team members comply with standard operating procedures.

Better Business Transparency and BPM Software

BPM software not only allows you to automate, streamline, and make business processes consistent, it also grants transparency you simply don’t get with manual processes. Mobile BPM tools make it easy for authorized people involved in a process to check its status from any place. Sales teams and field technicians can work better together, sales reps in the field can access reference material they need easily, and data can be captured on the go through location sharing and easy uploading of photos or scanning of barcodes and QR codes. Mobility plus BPM software equals greater business value.

Coping with Slimmer Profit Margins by Using BPM Tools

In such a fast-paced world of business, companies must be prepared to cope with slimmer profit margins as they look for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. Outdated processes that require manual steps can seriously eat into profit margins, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to streamline business processes and automate wherever possible. Mobility takes efficiency to another level by removing the requirement that employees be at their desks to accomplish tasks. There’s less “down time,” less time spent on cumbersome processes, and fewer worries about shrinking profit margins as efficiency steadily increases.

PerfectForms is the ideal BPM workflow software tool for your mobile workforce. Not only does PerfectForms provide an intuitive interface that allows non-technical people to design and implement business processes, it’s mobile-friendly so your team can access electronic forms and workflows wherever they are. PerfectForms is easy to integrate with other popular office and sales software packages, and with databases, web forms, and spreadsheets, so time spent manually moving data from one place to another is kept to a minimum. Watch our demo and see for yourself how PerfectForms is ready to prepare your mobile workforce for today’s heightened BPM demands.


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