Workflow Software Helps You Get the Most from Employee Surveys

Businesses use surveys for many different reasons. Internal surveys can help measure employee engagement, while external surveys can gather valuable insights from customers or partners.

Businesswoman using a tablet

Online survey forms are likelier to be completed than paper survey forms.

You can even use surveys to gather information about things that are only indirectly related to business, like “Which weekend is best for the company picnic?” Before online forms, surveys had to be done either in person, on paper, or by phone, and these methods all had serious shortcomings. Online forms can make business surveys not only faster and more effective, but more accurate too – assuming you use the right form software. Here are some tips for getting the most from your employee feedback surveys.

Do These Things

Here is a list of things you should do when you undertake an employee survey:

  • Define and articulate the purpose and goals of the survey
  • Assign someone as the survey sponsor, a single point of contact who (with appropriate help) is in charge of creating, distributing, and collecting data from the survey
  • Guarantee anonymity so respondents can answer honestly
  • Ensure surveys are brief enough. They should take less than 15 minutes to complete, in general.
  • Compile, analyze, and share survey results when it’s over
  • Take action based on the insights the survey elucidates

With the right form software, creating and delivering the survey can be the simplest and most straightforward part of the whole process.

Don’t Do These Things

To obtain the real information you need from a survey, there are several things you should avoid doing. For example:

  • Don’t write questions that confirm biases. When you use questions as rhetorical tools (“Have you stopped beating your wife?”) you simply can’t get honest, actionable information.
  • Don’t write confusing questions
  • Don’t include questions irrelevant to the purpose of the survey
  • Don’t survey people too frequently
  • Don’t assume that correlation equals causation. This would be like discovering that both ice cream sales and drownings increase during summer and then concluding that ice cream causes drowning.
  • Don’t hide survey results or everyone will question your motives for creating the survey
  • Don’t sit on actionable results. If your survey doesn’t prompt you to some kind of action, then why did you do it? If you created a survey hoping it would confirm existing beliefs, you probably asked the wrong questions.

Hands with a confidential file

Even if the survey doesn’t confirm your expectations, it’s
important to share the results, not hide them away.

Your Online Form Software Can Ensure You Get Actionable Insights

Surveys delivered via online forms are inherently better than paper-based or phone-based surveys. They’re faster and easier to complete, are more anonymous, and can be evaluated with software to prevent biases from creeping in. But it’s essential that you have powerful online form software that does what you need it to.

For example, your form software should automatically collect data when people submit their completed forms, sending it to analytical software, spreadsheets, or some other system where the data can be analyzed. It should allow you to take survey data and create informative reports from it. And if you deliver the same survey multiple times over the long term, it should help you discover trends in participants’ answers.

PerfectForms’ Survey Creator is an ideal software solution for delivering employee and other types of surveys. PerfectForms comes with a number of survey templates, including form templates for employee appraisal, course evaluation, customer service, customer satisfaction, and more. Each of these can be modified as necessary, or you can create your own survey form from scratch, with no programming required. With PerfectForms, you can integrate with Google Spreadsheets, Salesforce, web forms, and other systems, routing data to exactly where it needs to go with ease.

Did you know you can test drive PerfectForms for free by signing up for a trial? It’s the easiest way to see for yourself how powerful, flexible, and user-friendly PerfectForms is. If you have any questions about online forms or workflows, we invite you to contact us at any time.