Workflow Software Plus Tech Equals Better Work-Life Balance

Workflow software

The year is young, and many of us make resolutions to bring our lives back into better balance. It’s easy to let life become unbalanced by getting caught up in an endless cycle of pushing ourselves further professionally, and it can be hard to see that we’ve lost sight of more important things.

Fortunately, technology has the ability to help us bring work and life into better balance, as long as we don’t use technology as an excuse to cram even more work into our days. The right workflow software, combined with online forms and mobile functionality, can help us minimize inefficiency so that work gets done more quickly, freeing up time for other things.

Basic Automated Workflows: Ending Duplication of Effort

The main idea behind workflow automation is reducing or eliminating duplication (or triplication, in some cases) of effort. Think about it. With old paper forms that were filled in by hand, there was the effort of retrieving the right form from a filing cabinet, the effort of filling in all the blanks, and the effort of handing it to the right person. In many cases, the next step was someone else typing the handwritten data into a database or spreadsheet. That’s not very efficient!

The automated workflow means that information is input once and automatically routed to where it needs to go. Data that must fill multiple forms or multiple form fields can auto-populate those form fields, and workflow software can ensure that any of that data that needs to go into a database or spreadsheet does so automatically. Furthermore, completed online forms are sent to the right recipient by design, and it won’t get lost in the stack of papers on the recipient’s desk.

Add Mobility to Accelerate Workflows Further

Mobile forms take automated workflows a step further still. Most of your employees have at least one mobile device on them at all times, and they’re used to using them to take care of a huge range of personal tasks. If they can also access online forms and automated workflows through their mobile devices, they’re unshackled from their desk or workstation, adding significant flexibility, which also helps improve work-life balance. Mobile forms that minimize required typing through the use of multiple-choice fields or drop-down menus make the form-filling process fast and accurate.

Workflow software

Equip field technicians with mobile forms and make everyone’s workday easier.

Save a Trip for Your Remote, Field, and Traveling Employees

Suppose you are an insurance claims adjuster, traveling to sites of various incidents to begin the claims process. If you have mobile forms on your tablet that feed into an automated workflow, you can take down all pertinent claim information on-site, rather than taking notes and entering it later. And if you travel to multiple claim sites in a day, you don’t have to worry about returning to your office to fill out claim forms, because they can be submitted right from the mobile device. Madison National Life Insurance greatly streamlined their claims submission and approval process by making forms available on agent laptops that they could take into the field with them.

Work Time Saved Leaves More Time for What’s Important

It isn’t just insurance claim forms that can be completed and submitted without returning to the office. IT requests, travel reimbursement requests, field-service reports, and a nearly unlimited number of other forms can be made mobile, so that workflows proceed at a pace unheard of a decade ago.

PerfectForms offers workflow management software that empowers businesses in all industries to create customized online forms and workflows that are mobile-friendly and fully automated. From the simplest request form to the most complicated publication or approval workflow, PerfectForms allows online forms, automated delivery of completed forms, automated alerts and notifications, and easy integration with databases, spreadsheets, web forms, and other business systems. We invite you to read through some of our many case studies and learn how automation puts businesses in a league ahead of the competition.


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