Workflow Solutions for Government Agencies

Government agencies must not only serve the public with skill and efficiency, they are also typically held to higher accountability standards than many private businesses. Local, state, and federal government agencies are often under the microscope, expected to prove that they’re using the taxpayers’ money efficiently to provide the services that people need. It isn’t always easy.

Workflow solutions

Government agencies are expected to operate flawlessly without waste or inefficiency.

Fortunately, you can create workflow solutions specific to your agency that streamline and accelerate work processes, while helping you fulfill your obligations to ensure security, back up data on schedule, and create clear “paper trails” that document exactly what you do at every step. Here are some ways workflow solutions can help government agencies.

Audit Trails

Audit trails are possible with manual, paper-based processes, but they’re clunky, slow, and prone to error. Workflow solutions that automate paper-based processes and make them electronic can be designed to automatically create an audit trail every time the process is carried out. With this level of visibility into processes, there’s less question as to who did what, and whether each step was taken care of. In fact, you can design processes so that certain steps cannot be completed unless prerequisite steps have been correctly completed. Workflow solutions like these can greatly reduce the stress associated with the possibility of a government audit, because the audit trail is created automatically.

The Importance of Security and Backups

Security and backups are also vital to the functions that government agencies carry out. Data breaches can be tremendously expensive and can even result in criminal charges in some cases. Workflow solutions that let you build security into workflows can alleviate worries about data protection. What’s more, workflows can be designed so that backups are made as part of a workflow, or specific backup workflows can be created to be run at specified intervals. Security with manual and paper-based processes is inherently flawed due to the high potential for human error. Workflow solutions allow you to automate security and backup procedures so that they happen correctly every time.

Essential Elements of the Secure Workflow

Workflow solutions

Workflow security is especially important for government agencies.

Ensuring the security of your workflows is important for your own peace of mind as well as to satisfy regulations that government agencies are expected to abide by. A secure workflow contains several essential elements that excellent workflow solutions can build into processes, such as:

• Monitoring of system content

• Alerts to notify key personnel in the event of certain actions

• Identification of users who access or print secure documents

• Customized, secure document routing

• Rule-based steps and routing so that only personnel with need to know information are able to access it

• Authentication and policy controls built into workflow solutions

Workflow solutions that incorporate these essential elements let you build custom processes with confidence that you’re upholding all your obligations while operating with maximum efficiency.

It’s Not as Hard as You May Imagine

Maybe you would like to upgrade your workflows from manual, paper-based processes, but you are afraid that automating them will necessitate a huge capital investment and a steep technical learning curve. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Workflow solutions built by outstanding workflow software like PerfectForms offers you the convenience and cost-effectiveness of cloud hosting, and the intuitive interface that lets non-programmers create custom forms and workflows without ever writing code.

Moreover, PerfectForms allows companies to route information to and from forms and interface with web forms, databases, and other commonly used office software. Imagine: creating fast, accurate electronic forms that look exactly like the paper forms your team is used to. Why not give it a try? You can try out PerfectForms for free and see for yourself how much power you have to create amazing workflow solutions that stand up to strict regulations and security requirements.


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