Yes, You Can Easily Create a Form Online

Most businesses use forms in multiple capacities. Forms were invented to help standardize and streamline processes. Rather than making a verbal or written request for something (vacation time, a new desk chair, or reimbursement for expenses, for example), employees could use forms so that the person fulfilling the request would have all pertinent information available. Forms make sense.


Create a form online

In their time, paper forms improved efficiency.


But paper-based forms have limitations. They can be misplaced, damaged, or sent to the wrong person. The person receiving them can also lose them, or may have difficulty reading handwritten information. But when you create a form online, these problems go away. You may think, “Sure, I would love to create a form online, but I don’t know how to program, and we don’t have the budget for a new IT project.” It’s OK, because now it’s easy.


Creating Online Forms Does Not Require an IT Initiative

Maybe once upon a time you’d have to hire a programmer or get one of your IT people to create a form online, but all that has changed. Today’s form creation software lets non-programmers create electronic forms without writing the first line of code. User interfaces have improved to where if you know how to drag and drop, you can create a form online. The software does all the programming for you, so all you have to do is arrange the fields of your form as you want them, label them, and then add finishing touches like your company logo. Once your form looks exactly like you want it, your form creation software creates the online form for you. You can create a form online to streamline countless business processes.


Get New Employees Working Right Away

Bringing a new employee on board requires collecting a lot of information. In order to process their payroll correctly, you need identification and tax information, and if the new employee signs up for company benefits like insurance or a 401K, still more information must be collected. Create an online form for each of these information needs, and you eliminate the risks of a form being lost or illegible, and you eliminate the potential for errors that comes from having to manually enter handwritten information into a database. You can even make it so that information entered once populates multiple forms.


Allow Employees to Submit Forms from Mobile Devices

The workforce is more mobile than ever today. If you have employees working in the field, whether making repairs, installing equipment, or handling claims, it’s very inefficient to have them complete paper forms and then turn them in. But when you create a form online for common field tasks, like logging a repair, and make that form mobile-accessible, employees can complete the forms quickly and easily right from their phone or tablet. It saves time, makes recordkeeping easier, and reduces error rates significantly.


Create a form online

Boost efficiency by empowering employees to complete forms from mobile devices.


Link Multiple Forms Into Cohesive Workflows

When selecting the software that allows you to create a form online, look for software that also lets you link multiple forms together into workflows. This is a terrific way to ensure no steps in typical work processes are skipped and that the proper recipient receives forms the instant they’re completed. Think how much inefficiency you can squeeze out of work processes by creating electronic forms and connecting them into defined workflows. Multi-step processes become faster and more efficient, saving your company time and money. No longer do you need a storage room full of filing cabinets to store all those completed forms.


Make Projects Easier to Manage

With electronic forms connected into logical workflows, project management becomes smarter, not harder. A project manager can view an entire workflow and know instantly which steps have been completed, and whose actions are required next. And all this is done without the hassle of paperwork. With faster workflows, high efficiency, and low error rates, your company can make more competitive bids on projects and have an easier time remaining on schedule and within budget. You can create a form online to document every work phase, creating a comprehensive audit trail that can be used for reporting and compliance purposes.



Electronic forms help companies maximize their competitive advantage in today’s accelerated marketplace. And you don’t have to know how to write code or undertake a major IT project in order to create online forms and link them into smart, streamlined processes. With PerfectForms, you can create a form online that looks exactly how you want, simply by dragging and dropping elements into place. And you can connect forms into workflows with the same drag-and-drop convenience. Why not sign up for a free trial and find out for yourself how easy it is to create a form online? You’ll be amazed at the possibilities.



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