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Since 2001, organizations worldwide have relied on PerfectForms workflow software to meet their needs in the areas of process automation, business process management, forms automation and workflow management. We empower organizations, large and small, to rapidly automate forms and workflow processes. We serve a diverse customer base with our simple, yet powerful web-based development platform.

Is your IT department too busy to build or maintain your current solution? Do you need to replace a manual, paper intensive or outdated process? We’ve helped over 500 organizations, including many Fortune 100 companies in financial services, insurance, health care and manufacturing sectors automate HR, finance, sales and operations processes.

PerfectForms can address any type of workflow automation challenge. But don’t take our word for it – hear it straight from our customers.

Affinity Management Group

Application:Surveys and marketing campaign management
Results:Survey Response rates have been reported as 4 to 5 times better with PerfectForms then industry norms (37% response rate).

All Medical Healthcare Staffing

Industry:Health Care/Human Resources
Application:Employee on-boarding and recruitment
Results:All Medical has implemented an end-to-end employee on-boarding solution that integrates existing databases and supports digital signatures.

Houston Community College

Application:Automating 200 administrative forms and workflow process
Results:Digitizing administrative forms and workflow processes has significantly reduced the time required to process requests from organization to final approval.

Madison National Life Insurance

Application:Insurance policy applications
Results:More than 200 insurance agents are currently using the PerfectForms-based application successfully. They can now submit application forms in the field, leading to faster approvals and fewer errors than the prior paper-based process.

Ogden Clinic

Industry:Health Care
Application:Automating various administrative process (e.g. Paid time off reporting, performance reviews, mileage reimbursement and employment status changes)
Results:Ogden Clinic has digitized over 30 business processes, which has eliminated the weeks wasted on processing paper forms.

State of Oregon Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman

Application:Case reporting for elder abuse
Results:The average complaints per volunteer and average complaints per case have increased 15% since PerfectForms was introduced, ensuring investigation of more issues and complaints confounding residents in long-term care.


Application:Used as a process mapping tool across the organization
Results:PerfectForms is used by Trilliant as a powerful process mapping tool, which allows administrators to understand and streamline workflow process.

University of Portland

Application:Automating various administrative process and surveys across the entire campus community
Results:University of Portland’s IT department decentralized their form creation process with PerfectForms to keep us with the form needs of the campus community. Over 100 paper forms have been digitized across the campus.

University of Tennessee at Martin

Application:ID request process and program enrollment
Results:Using PerfectForms, University of Tennessee Martin did away with its process-heavy orientation system by creating and automating the ensure student ID request process.

Visalia Unified School District

Application:Automating over 100 paper-based administrative process
Results:One paper-based print request process, used more than 15,000 times each year has been automated in PerfectForms, saving over $10,000 alone annually.
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