How PerfectForms is transforming higher education

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Institutions of higher education have been switching to form builders and workflow software to automate their IT departments. This step has helped reduce labor-related costs and speed up the process of administration. Using online forms to replace traditional PDF files and manual forms has saved a lot of time and energy, allowing the resources freed up by PerfectForms workflow solutions to be used in other projects within the institution.


University of Tennessee Martin Enjoys Success with PerfectForms


For a while, the University of Tennessee Martin (UTM) had to deal with long queues on the day of freshman orientation. The institution used to process all student ID cards on that particular day, which inconvenienced both students and IT staff. Six photo booths were needed to take more than 300 photos that were attached to students’ forms in the morning hours. The IDs would then have to be processed so the students could pick them up in the afternoon.


PerfectForms changed all that. Students can now fill out forms online and upload their photos at their own convenience before the date of orientation. The ID cards are processed early enough for freshmen to pick up when they report to UTM. IT staff can check online to see which students haven’t uploaded their photos and remind them to do so via email. This innovative use of technology led to UTM winning the top prize at the Professional Development Group’s First Annual Best Practices Awards in 2010 due to the university’s implementation of easy-to-use, money-saving tools.


University of Portland Also Benefits from PerfectForms


The University of Portland had a different challenge: online form creation. All departments requested custom forms, which was too much work for the university’s IT staff. The enormous data collection and creation problem needed a solution as quickly as possible.


The answer came in the form of PerfectForms workflow software. The system was installed across the institution so that all departments – and even students – have access to it. Anyone can open the software and custom-create an online form. Not every person has technical know-how, which is something that PerfectForms considered when designing the software.


Benefits of PerfectForms


The forms created using PerfectForms are stored on PerfectForms’ servers. They can be linked to institutions’ websites from there, negating the need for universities to upload and store the forms themselves. The servers leverage 128-bit encryption technology, making all documents secure and allowing several users to concurrently use the form creator without crashing.


There are many more ways higher education is being transformed by PerfectForms. Love PerfectForms? Tell us your story!


New year, new semester: 4 ways to digitize administrative tasks

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The start of the new semester can mean only one thing: stacks of paperwork across every administrator’s desk on campus. In an age of increasingly tight budgets, schools must adopt new policies to save money on administrative tasks so more of their dollars can go to student education. Through workflow automation of four key areas, school districts, colleges and universities can eliminate clutter, speed up their administrative processes and save money on labor and resources.


Admissions Applications


Even with the availability of simple online applications, some schools still request paper forms from their prospective students. Not only are these forms a headache to process, but key pieces of the applications are easily lost when documents are shuffled from one person to another. Through the use of form building software, schools can create a streamlined application for prospective students that updates immediately for anyone involved in the decision-making process. Applicants have peace of mind knowing their forms didn’t get lost in the mail, and administrators don’t have to worry about misplacing forms or having an application sent to the wrong department.


Financial Aid


Rising college costs mean more students need financial aid than ever before. FAFSA forms, award letters and scholarship applications take weeks to sort, with students constantly on edge, worrying about their aid. Online forms on the school’s website give students quick and easy access to all of their financial aid information and allow them to follow their applications’ progress through the system. For administrators, the adoption of digitized forms means a faster turnaround on financial aid decisions.


Change of Major


Students sometimes change majors on a whim, and each time they do, administrators must file an official form with at least two different departments. Getting approval from the new department chair or adviser might take days, and if the request comes right before a new registration period, the student can miss out on important classes. By using form building software to create a uniform change-of-major request form, administrators ensure that these types of requests are handled in a timely manner. A procedure that used to take hours, or even days, becomes painless and easily accomplished in minutes.


Staff Reimbursements


There are few things that faculty and staff hate more than spending money out of their own pockets and then waiting weeks to get their money back. The paper filing system requires them to jump through so many hoops that it’s almost not worth making the request. Digitizing the process accelerates the rate of reimbursement so members of the faculty don’t feel like they are being cheated. Additionally, digitized forms generate detailed reports that allow administrators to track reimbursements more effectively, giving them the tools to assess which staff members might be abusing the system and how to better allocate funds to avoid reimbursement requests in the future.


Too much paperwork keeps administrators from improving the student experience and offering the best education possible. An investment in workflow software eases the burden on students, faculty and administrators, while saving time, money and resources.


How technology can transform taking attendance for your school

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 by

With school funding coming at a premium these days, every dollar counts. One of the primary means by which schools are funded is based on student attendance, but absence reporting can be fraught with errors when completed manually.

Teachers in many schools are still using a paper-and-pencil approach to taking attendance, and the roll sheet is often routed to the office by hand, a cumbersome process. Teachers should be keeping their students engaged instead of stopping to make attendance changes as they occur. Once the roll sheet is taken to the office, it is easy to forget to notify the attendance clerk of an update.

In high school, this becomes a bigger issue as attendance is taken whenever classes change. Roll sheets are collected up to six or seven times a day per classroom, and some high schools can have up to 200 classrooms. This process is time-consuming and a lot of manpower is used to collect the sheets from each classroom and route these back to the attendance clerk. Being able to track attendance in real time during the course of the day is especially important in a high school setting, but the paper-and-pencil approach to taking roll allows for students who are skipping class to be unaccounted for until all the roll sheets are processed. With an automated workflow system, truants can be quickly identified.

Using a paper tracking system can cause myriad problems for both teachers and administrators. Paper has to be hand-counted, or in some cases scanned. What’s more, the numbers are not necessarily accurate by the time they are counted because students come and go during the course of the school day. The process of finding a student on the appropriate roll sheet and changing the attendance mark by hand is a laborious and time-consuming process prone to frequent error that can ultimately cause an unintentional loss in funding. However, those errors can significantly be reduced by automating the attendance process using BPM or workflow software.

Let’s not forget the most important thing that automating your education form software processes can accomplish: Teachers will have more time for classroom instruction with their students instead of being engaged in administrative tasks. With an automated school attendance system and workflow tools, teachers are able to take attendance quickly and get to what matters most – student learning.

Spend more time with your students, not their paperwork

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For virtually any educator in today’s busy world, there is never enough time in the school day. It can be challenging to balance teaching, paperwork and administrative duties while still ensuring every student is receiving the attention he or she needs. For educators who would like to focus more on enhancing the classroom experience for students versus administrative paperwork, workflow form software can offer an excellent solution.

Automate Administrative and Information Processes

Test scores, documents, curriculum schedules and more can be easily automated with the right workflow forms. For educators and administrators who find themselves spending more time crunching numbers than communicating with students, workflow software can provide the tools needed to keep things moving smoothly. Workflow software keeps large amounts of information organized, safely stored, and easily reachable, saving a lot of time and energy.

Reduce Paper Waste and Overhead Costs

For both educators and administrators, finding ways to reduce waste and save money is always a priority. You can greatly cut waste by handling a vast majority of information through digital formats as opposed to constantly printing out material that will likely be thrown away in the near future. Over time, even small reductions in overhead costs will translate to more money for the school. Teachers can use their savings to purchase new supplies for the classroom while administrators may invest in various repairs, renovations or new technology upgrades.

Improve Efficiency

By automating workflow and administrative processes, staff efficiency will inevitably be improved. After implementing workflow software, the time teachers or administrators spend on many daily tasks can be dramatically minimized, making students the top priority. This will allow educators to focus on creating new coursework, revising the curriculum, or spending more time with students one-on-one.

More Fulfilling Student Experience

Thanks to the organizational assistance workflow forms provide, educators will likely find more hours in the week to devote more time and attention to students’ individual needs versus their paperwork. When paperwork and data collection is no longer a priority, teachers can feel much more present in the classroom instead of being distracted by various other tasks that take up time. In response, students will be more inclined to give their full attention to educators who are completely engaged with the entire classroom. Education suffers when teachers spend their free time on administrative tasks versus innovative classroom planning. By creating custom workflow forms, teachers can free themselves from nagging clutter and focus on educating.

Create the education environment you’ve always wanted with the help of PerfectForms workflow software. Efficiently organize, customize, and automate a variety of tasks with new workflow forms so you can zero in on what is most important: Providing future generations with engaging, quality education will prepare them for the challenging world ahead.


Avoid Paperwork with These Educational Organization Tools

Friday, April 25th, 2014 by

Educators looking to avoid paperwork, cut costs, streamline collaboration efforts, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly workplace can do so by adopting online educational tools for task management and workflow automation. Below are some free or affordable software and web-based options to help cut paperwork while increasing efficiency.

Workflow Automation Software

If one platform can eliminate paperwork while improving efficiency, it is easily workflow automation software. Workflow automation tools offered by PerfectForms allow educators to monitor performance, build reports, and create powerful workflow applications with no development, coding or other technical skills. Using templates with simple drag-and-drop capability, educators and administrators can easily build online forms and streamline workflow and collaboration with PerfectForms software.

Online Task Management Platforms

There are many free, web-based task management systems available that can be an excellent resource for educators, offering a high level of customization and simple, user-friendly interfaces. With most available platforms, educators can keep track of classes, lesson plans, and daily events, and also store a wealth of information, including attachments and files. Teachers can add collaborators for team projects and keep track of who is responsible for which tasks.

File Sharing Platforms

Share everything useful you find on the web, including lesson plans and project ideas, with fellow educators and students by using file sharing platforms online. These file sharing platforms allow users to bookmark and share a wide variety of content, including photos and videos, documents, web pages, tweets and more. Most often, collections are available to the public, but users can usually make collections private, inviting collaborators to view and add to your collections.

Behavior Management Apps

Get rid of behavior binders with behavior management apps for educators. There are options available for both iPhone and Android devices that essentially offer fully customizable behavior management systems. With some apps, teachers can assign a profile icon to each student, leaving negative and positive feedback on each student’s behavior which is instantly viewable by parents with a link to the main site. Teachers can send messages and feedback to parents about individual students, as well as send mass messages to entire groups of parents. Students can have points added or deducted depending upon behavior, and simple graphics make it easy to see at a glance how each student is doing.

Miniature Social Networks

If you are a teacher or administrator and need a way to stay in touch with your team or manage projects, there are free and low cost applications that are available on the web or on Apple and Android devices that essentially create a mini social network. Users can form a small team of collaborators and put contacts, files, tasks and files all in one place. With most of these applications, updates made by any team member are visible in real time, and team members can instant message individuals or the whole team. There are also options to add collaborators to different tasks, assign due dates, and keep track of advancement.

With so many software and online applications at your fingertips, it is no longer necessary to be mired in paperwork. Let workflow automation software and online applications help you take back your life and increase workplace efficiency all at once!

Going Digital in the Education Field

Friday, March 28th, 2014 by

The world of education is changing, mainly due to the rapid changes we see in the world of technology. Technology is influencing every industry known to man making them better through different ways of thinking and measuring performance.

For schools, this means finding new ways to communicate, new ways of measuring progress, and new ways of evaluating. Teachers and administrators are constantly in a state of flux to keep up with these changes, in the hopes that they will be able to see positive changes as result of the increasing reliance on technology.

One of the best things to come about as a result of this growing influx of technology are the capabilities of educational forms. By incorporating the automating capabilities inherent in workflow software into the educational environment, teachers can save valuable time that they used to have to spend doing things manually.

This is very valuable to educators, and while some are still somewhat resistant to this change, there is no doubt it will eventually be the standard for educators as they strive to focus on the more important tasks at hand to educate young people and prepare them for a changing world.


Forms are not new, but the idea of online education forms with all of the automation they allow is a new concept. Businesses and HR departments have already started using this online technology to their advantage. In the past, education was often the last industry to take advantage of the changes in technology. But administrators, instructors, and educators are more tech savvy than they have been in previous years, and it is just a matter of time until it catches on like wildfire.


  • Saves time that can be spent on instructional tasks
  • Saves time grading
  • Saves money over the long term by hiring less staff to balance paperwork
  • Less complaints by teachers that they don’t have time to get everything done
  • Increase in morale among education staff
  • Practical applications for a number of educational purposes


The more things you can automate, the more time you will save. So education experts looking to save time that can be used in the classroom will increasingly look to digital tech solutions to gain more time. Soon they will find that technology takes less time, not more and will rely on such automated systems as the standard. To create education forms that work, you will want to keep control on the front end, by finding a solution that allows the input of your educational staff.

To learn more about how schools and universities have improved productivity by automating key processes with PerfectForms, check out some of our case studies.

Form Designer Software Gives You Control in Your Business

Thursday, February 14th, 2013 by

Don’t you wish you could just create your own online applications whenever you wanted? Unless you are a computer expert, you probably can’t do this on your own, but it would be great to be able to implement your money saving ideas right away for your business, wouldn’t it?

Well, with PerfectForms, you can make your automated workflows a reality overnight. Our form designer software allows you to create your own forms, surveys, and online workflows for your business. You will never again have to wait for a software developer, or to find the right software package to do what you need.

PerfectForms, we understand that being able to save time in your small business is equal to saving money. That’s why we have over 100 different common business workflows in our forms library, just waiting for you to customize them for your business needs. And with your PerfectForms account, you have access to all the workflow templates available. Once you have your first workflow done, you will find many others that will save you time in your business.

Procedure Software: Effective Applications for Education

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 by

For educational institutions, finding ways of improving efficiency without impacting the budget can be difficult. With limited funds for just about every school, college, or university, it’s imperative that creative solutions are implemented to streamline procedures and save money. Procedure software has become an increasingly popular option for many industries, both for versatility and cost effectiveness.

How PerfectForms Procedure Software Can Help Your Institution

At PerfectForms, you’ll find procedure software for financial institutions, human resources, marketing, manufacturing, and many other industries. The PerfectForms education software gives you instant access to simple, powerful, and smart workflow solutions that can help you save time and money while boosting productivity. When you’re ready to enjoy optimal efficiency, PerfectForms is eager to assist.

To find out more about how PerfectForms has helped educational institutions around the country, view the customer testimonials section. Let this innovative software solution help you simplify processes, and enjoy a high return on investment.

PerfectForms Workflow Process Solutions: Essential Functions for Education

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 by

With PerfectForms workflow process solutions, there are options for just about any industry. As a global leader of business process management solutions (BPMS), PerfectForms has improved efficiency for large and small organizations around the world. With innovative and easy to use workflow tools, your employees will have access to templates as well as simple custom workflow applications.

The Many Workflow Process Solutions for Educational Institutions

As an educational institution, it can be difficult to stick to tight budgets without compromising on the quality of education you provide students. When you’re in search of workflow process solutions that can address operational needs at various levels, PerfectForms does it all. With simple, powerful, and smart BPMS at your fingertips, you can streamline tasks like:

• Admissions

• Scholarships

• School Safety Checklists

• Budgeting

• And much more

View the PerfectForms customer testimonial section and discover the many ways in which this effective workflow software solution has improved operations for schools.

Workflow Solutions for Educational Institutions

Monday, December 19th, 2011 by

Maintaining efficiency, as an educational institution will help you meet tight budgets and offer the best educational services possible. PerfectForms workflow solutions gives you many ways to streamline processes in order to make the most of your time. By simplifying day-to-day operations, it’s possible to create the best educational experience for your students.

How Can PerfectForms Workflow Solutions be Used for Education?

PerfectForms Education gives you many options that can boost productivity for your school. Streamline tasks like admissions, scholarship applications, safety checklists, and more with ease. When you choose PerfectForms workflow solutions, you can use existing templates or create your own education workflow applications. Find your way to the highest levels of efficiency with the many options in PerfectForms.

The features and benefits of PerfectForms workflow solutions include Internet-based design tools, programming-free app creation, local or remote hosting, and many others. Sign up for PerfectForms today and enjoy the utmost in efficiency.