Expert Interview with Antonie Potgieter Of Tribulant Software On WordPress Plug-Ins

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It has never been easier or quicker to start an online business, with websites like Squarespace, Weebly, and many more offering to build you a beautiful website instantly.

This creates an opportunity for someone to capitalize on new and innovative ideas, riding on creative momentum while the ideas are still fresh and the energy is still high.

Not everyone with a good idea is already an e-commerce expert. Getting lost in obtuse programming code and unknown systems is a surefire way to lose momentum. Third party software is a lifesaver in that someone else does the hard work for you.

WordPress is a popular choice, powering 48% of Technocrati’s Top 100 Top Blogs as well as a total of 74.6 million blogs as of February 2014, according to

Tribulant Software is a company that specializes in a full range of elegant WordPress plugins for every aspect of e-commerce, from a shopping cart plugin to a newsletter generator and much more.

Tribulant Software’s Antonie Potgieter took a moment to tell us about his company and some of its features, and share some insights on how to make your own WordPress site the best it can be using WordPress plugins.


Can you introduce us to Tribulant Software? Where are you based out of? When was your company founded?

Tribulant Software is a company based in South Africa that was founded in 2009. We develop, market and support premium WordPress plugins and related products.


What inspired you to form Tribulant Software to begin with? What did you feel that other plugin companies were missing?

The business started with an email/newsletter plugin for WordPress since there was a market for it. So we developed other plugins as the market and WordPress users required further software for their websites.


Tribulant Software offers a wide array of WordPress plugins, including many in a plugin bundle. What’s included in the bundle, and what kind of businesses would most benefit from it?

Our WordPress plugins bundle includes a Shopping Cart plugin, Newsletter plugin and Banner Rotator plugin. It can be used by anyone, really, from an individual posting blog posts and selling custom services to large companies/organizations with big e-commerce sites doing hard-core email marketing.


You also offer an FAQ plugin that lets companies automate the FAQ section of their websites by managing groups of questions. What are some reasons a company might want to go this route? What are some of the advantages?

Yes, that’s right, the FAQ plugin allows your users to submit questions on your website. Some questions may be irrelevant, but many of these questions are frequently asked questions which can be published with thorough answers onto the WordPress website. As a result, you are able to provide your users with quick answers to regular/common questions, which saves you time in communication and support as well.


You also have a banner rotator plugin. Can you briefly describe what this one does? What are some advantages of changing the banner frequently? How often should companies be switching up the graphics on their website to make it look fresh and interesting and keep people’s attention?

The Banner Rotator plugin lets you publish image, Flash and code ads on your WordPress website in various ways. Banner ads can be organized into sizes and zones, and can be displayed in posts/pages or widgets or even be hardcoded into the theme.


How tech savvy does someone have to be to install your plugins?

Knowlege of WordPress is essential, and then some knowledge of the Internet and technical terms are a plus. The plugins are designed and developed to be as user-friendly as possible, so anyone with willingness and a goal in mind can use them with ease.


For companies that have not yet taken the plunge, what are a few reasons for a company to start a WordPress blog/site? How can it be used to help SEO rankings as well as raise potential customers’ awareness of a company’s existence?

WordPress is an amazing platform. It can be used for anything from blogging to running large scale websites with big communities. If you feel the need to launch a website, I will highly recommend WordPress. There is a wide variety of plugins and themes available to achieve just about anything.


How much time and money does a company stand to save by using your plugins? Can you give a few examples of other things businesses might do with the time and money they save?

Most of our plugins are not specifically aimed at saving money, but rather at monetizing and making money. For example, with our Shopping Cart plugin, you can sell services, products, and much more.

With our Newsletter plugin, you can market and promote your existing services, products and more. With our Banner Rotator plugin, you can monetize the traffic of your site by putting 3rd party banner ads and gaining earnings from clicks/impressions.

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Design Forms Software with Online Templates

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 by

With your small business, you know that automated online forms can help you save time, which can affect your bottom line. Unless you are a software programmer, you probably think that you can’t come up with these forms on your own.

Now, however, with the help of PerfectForms, it’s easy to design your own forms software. At PerfectForms, we’ve made the process simple. We’ve been working with businesses for over a decade to design forms to automate their workflows, and with applied this knowledge that we’ve gained to our software templates. All you need to do is take a template for the workflow process you want to automate, and make any changes you need on it. That’s all there is to it.

With all the work that we’ve done with other companies, PerfectForms has come up with over 100 different online workflows for you to choose from. You are sure to find what you need, that can save you time and money. In fact, once you start looking, you’ll probably find several others that will help you as well.

Optimize Your HR Processes for Increased Efficiency

Friday, September 7th, 2012 by

Your company’s Human Resources department could benefit greatly by automating your HR processes. Processes such as employee assessments, time and attendance sheets, and employment applications can be easily transferred from paper form to electronic form. Not only would this reduce staff-time used to manually handle these paper forms, it will also increase efficiency.

By automating your HR processes, you’ll be able to spend more of your time focusing on strategy and employee development. By automating your HR processes, you will reduce data entry errors, enhance communication, and improve employee satisfaction. Costs for paper forms can add up quickly, but by switching to electronic forms for your HR processes you’ll reduce or even completely eliminate the use of paper by your business.

PerfectForms has been working with companies since 2001 to develop solutions tailored to individual business needs. With reasonable pricing and an easy-to-use interface, Perfect Forms’ business process automation software is hard to match.

Trilliant: Making the World a Greener Place through PerfectForms

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 by

Today’s customer success story comes to us from the cutting edge energy solutions firm Trilliant. Trilliant provides network solutions and software for monitoring and controlling electric, gas, and water utility use, in real time, through the Trilliant ‘Smart Grid Network’. Through its monitoring services, Trilliant is able to provide utility companies with state-of-the-art metering and communications infrastructures that can reduce energy consumption and costs for consumers.

Trilliant’s CIO Tom Hines initially considered PerfectForms because of its affordability and simplicity, particularly in comparison to other SaaS solutions. Tom’s positive experience while implementing the service led to Trilliant’s entire Non-Disclosure Agreement process being automated using a PerfectForms application. Since that time, PerfectForms has become an essential tool in streamlining Trilliant’s day-to-day operations.

In addition to providing form creation and automation capabilities, PerfectForms is used by Trilliant as a powerful process mapping tool, which allows administrators to understand and streamline workflow processes. By identifying daily work connection points, Trilliant is able to document all pending items and procedures, better address inefficiencies and manage time and resource investments. This internal management process has been greatly improved thanks to the versatile nature of PerfectForms, saving Trilliant significant time and money.

Just another example of how PerfectForms and our business partners are working hard towards making this world a better, more efficient place.

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