How a Data Avalanche was Smartly Handled by One University

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Whether in a business or in a school, “on-boarding” new people is administratively intensive and fraught with potential for mistakes, particularly when many on-boarding processes are done manually.



Some tasks can’t be automated, but registering and on-boarding new students can be.


In a higher education setting, processing an influx of new freshmen every year is an enormous undertaking, and it has to be done correctly to ensure that student records are accurate and that students are able to use their ID cards for their many intended purposes. A few years ago, the Business Affairs department at the University of Tennessee Martin knew there had to be a better way to process the yearly inundation of new students than the manual process they had been using.


The Problem

The old way of doing it definitely had its limitations. Six manned digital camera stations would be set up during new student orientation. While registering for orientation, students would stop by the photo stations, where photos were taken in batches of approximately 300. Then a batch of pictures would be processed and uploaded to the school’s ID card program, with cards printed out later in batches.

To receive their ID cards, students would later have to go back to the orientation registration area and line up by the photo stations to wait for someone to hand them their cards. It wasn’t terribly efficient, and most new students had plenty of other things they would have rather been doing than waiting in line for their ID cards. Process Improvement Facilitator Mike Abney of UT Martin looked at his options for creating a better process.


Solution: Automated Online Student ID Request Form

PerfectForms caught Abney’s attention. Not only did it have a very reasonable price point with the convenience of cloud hosting, it was flexible and powerful enough to take on any number of manual forms and make them digital, without the need for programming. Using PerfectForms, UT Martin created an automated student request form online. When applying for orientation, students could now go to a web page and upload a photo.

Instead of standing in line at photo stations two separate times, IDs could be made well in advance of orientation day. When students arrived on campus, their ID cards would be ready and waiting for students in their orientation packets. Students who registered for orientation but forgot to upload a photo could be reminded via email so they could be sure their IDs would be ready when they arrived on campus.


The Savings: Time, Money, Sanity



UT Martin’s new system was considerably easier on students and staff members.


With the new system based on electronic online forms created with PerfectForms, the school no longer needed to set up photo booths and hire photographers. The process of herding students through the process was eliminated, and moreover, the school was able to have student assistants supervise ID card creation so that regular staff members could focus on other important tasks. It’s safe to say that students appreciated avoiding long lines and having more time to explore the campus with their new ID cards waiting for them upon arrival.


An Award-Winning Approach

This student ID card initiative actually won an award for its ingenuity. At the Professional Development Group’s First Annual Best Practices Awards in April 2010, UT Martin was recognized for this easy-to-manage, money-saving approach. The award validated Abney’s commitment to successfully automating what had been a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. Later on, Abney was able to use PerfectForms to bring dual enrolment wizard workflows, admissions and registration forms, student vaccination forms, and purchasing forms online as well, streamlining several other formerly cumbersome processes.



The student ID initiative at UT Martin is just one example of organizations putting the power and flexibility of PerfectForms to work to streamline processes, cut waste, and save money. With PerfectForms, even non-programmers can create beautiful, pixel-perfect custom forms and use these forms to create logical workflows. Results include lower error rates, faster processes, and an end to lost paper forms, along with savings on resources like paper and ink. We invite you to watch our demo and see for yourself how powerful and easy to use PerfectForms is.

Streamline Your Day-to-Day Workflows with Business Process Software

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It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, whether it’s education, finance, retail, or any type of service. You will always have workflows that need to be done daily, weekly or monthly. These repetitive jobs can add up to a lot of time, when you consider how long it takes to fill out paper forms and route them, as well as correct mistakes and enter the information into a database.

If you could automate this process, just think how much time your staff would save. Now you can do exactly that. In just a few days, you can be online and working with process management software from PerfectForms. With our software, you can take any process, such as a form for vacation requests or sick time off, and turn it into an online, fillable form, complete with routing to the proper managers.

It takes just days – sometimes only hours – to implement these forms. That’s because our system was designed after years of creating workflow process forms for other companies. We took that information and created customizable forms that you can adapt to your company. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, PerfectForms is scalable to your needs. To see more about what we can do for you, check out our PerfectForms online demo today.

Customer Success Stories with PerfectForms

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PerfectForms has been a leader in the workflow process software industry since 2001. In that time, many customers have come to rely on them for all of their business process software needs.

But is PerfectForms right for your company to manage its online workflows? To find out, take a look at their many satisfied workflow process customers.

Any business that currently uses paper to track their workflows can benefit from PerfectForms applications. At the State of Oregon, they switched from paper tracking to an online workflow for their elder care operations. In doing so, they cut their errors in their case reporting by 500%. Madison Life Insurance switched to an online application system from their old paper applications. Now their agents can submit applications from the field, which contain fewer errors and can be approved faster. And at Visalia Unified School District, they estimate that the entire cost of their workflow software is covered by the money they save in using the system.

These are just a few examples of satisfied PerfectForms customers. Customers from a variety of industries, Fortune 100 companies, governments and schools have benefited from automating their business processes online. Contact PerfectForms today to see how they can help your business.

Updating Now Pays Dividends

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The old adage is that “you have to spend money to make money.” Every business owner understands that there is a balance that must be struck between expenditure and intake. You always have to be brining in more money than you are spending, but key investments are necessary to ensure the long-term success and financial stability of a company. It’s paramount that when expenditures do have to be made that they are done so judiciously and efficiently. It can be scary to imagine the costs of updating outdated workflow process systems, but it can be even scarier imagining your business being passed by because they failed to adapt to changing business landscapes. If you are still operating with a paper-based system, the time to upgrade to e-based business process software is now. Having superior workflow tools makes running a profitable company even easier, as you’re saving money with the reduction of necessary hard materials, you’re saving time by using a more efficient process, and you are ensuring sustainability in a modern business climate. The small expenditure of updating your BPM tools today is one that will make a difference in your bottom line for years to come.

Madison National Life Insurance Success Story

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Learn how Madison National Life Insurance automated their insurance application process with PerfectForms.

“It’s a lot more efficient than using paper forms.  It allows us to process applications very quickly.  As soon as the agent submits it, it goes straight to our system,doesn’t sit on someone’s desk and it doesn’t have to be mailed.  No in-betweens.”

– Elino Munsayac, VP of IT

Fortune 500s Find Survey Success Through PerfectForms

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PerfectForms is pleased to announce our release of the Affinity Management Group Success Story.

Through directing sales and creating surveys for numerous Fortune 500 companies, The Affinity Management Group has positioned itself as an industry leader in business consulting and survey services. Affinity’s clients include technology firms, telephony networks, human resources specialists, health care institutions and other professional businesses.

Last year, Affinity reported over 10-15 million dollars in sales for clients, which were primarily driven by client survey solutions. PerfectForms software as a service solution has provided Affinity Management Group with an essential survey framework, which has streamlined workflow – delivering an impressive one-year return on investment – and transformed the way Affinity employees do their jobs.

“Jeff has been a godsend! Whenever I need help with anything, I send Jeff an email and within 10 minutes Jeff is personally on the phone with me to explain how to do it.“

“The service level has been phenomenal!”
-Adrina Patterson, Owner of Affinity Management Group

Other notable case study highlights include:

• Affinity survey response rates have been reported as 4 to 5 times better with PerfectForms than industry norms. The sector typically has a 4 – 8% typical response rate for surveys, but Affinity reports that with PerfectForms their norm for 2008 was a 37% response rate.

• Reduced maintenance costs. All technical problems are easily solved with the assistance of PerfectForms on-demand solutions management staff.

• Reduced loss leads due streamlined workflow. Affinity reports that the workflow management system has prevented items from being misplaced or mismanaged, which has increased productivity and simplified process management.

• Expanded business opportunities. Affinity cites that PerfectForms flexibility allows itself to be adapted to new business processes solutions, reducing costs for deployed software. They are looking at transitioning other existing processes to PerfectForms to create new business divisions.

For the full customer case study, click here