Where to Find Support for Your Business Process Software

Friday, August 24th, 2012 by

After you buy a software package, sometimes you need help with it. It’s not unusual to need help setting it up, or to have questions after implementation.

Many software companies offer minimal help after you buy their product. But that’s not so with Perfect Forms. At Perfect Forms, they are there to support you after your purchase.

Their comprehensive online Help Center is packed full of information for the do-it-yourself troubleshooter. You can search through the online documents on Planning Your Workflow and Planning Your Form Design, as well as consult the Quick Start Guide and the Help Guide. There are over 20 videos to help you with specific issues such as importing and exporting forms and data.

If the user guides and videos don’t provide the answers you are looking for, there’s also the online help forum where you can ask specific questions. And you can always submit a support inquiry, which allows you to describe your issue, attach screenshots, and send it directly to the Perfect Forms help staff for an answer.

At Perfect Forms, they are confident you will find their online system intuitive and easy to use. But should you need assistance, they are there to help you every step of the way.

How Process Management Software Can Help Your Employee Training Program

Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

It’s well known how process management software can help your business. Having a designated workflow can keep things running smoothly and efficiently in areas such as marketing and personnel. And another way your company can benefit is in training your employees.

Just like vacation requests in human resources, PerfectForms can be utilized to set up a workflow for employees to request training. Requests, manager approvals, funding, and follow ups can all be integrated into the workflow. This information can be tracked to see what training courses have been taken, what is still required, and to follow up to measure the effectiveness of training courses.

The PerfectForms system can also be used to create a schedule for recurring or mandatory employee training. This will keep track of which employees have completed their requirements, and which still need training.

Another function of process management software in the training department is to create online training modules that employees can take while at their desks. This works well for mandatory training on company rules and policies, or ethics, and also for any additional employee enrichment programs. Not only can the software track who has taken courses, but it can also deliver the training module. This will save time not only in recordkeeping, but also in hiring trainers, booking conference rooms, and rearranging employee schedules. Employees are likely to comply if they can take this type of training when it’s convenient for them.

Training is just one of many functions available with PerfectForms software. Take a look at their free online demo today to see how else they can help your business.