Improve Police Operations with Incident Reports

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 by

If you are a police department or other law enforcement agency, you have probably asked how you can improve your police operations. With all of the technology available today, there are many options available. One of the easiest ways is to employ form software for easy automatic reporting. Workflow automation software is a great invention, which takes the guesswork out of the hands of individuals and allows you to automate many processes. This way, your police force and other law enforcement staff have the time to work on other things, rather than get bogged down with paperwork and other menial tasks.

Advantages of Automatic Reporting with Form Software

  • Form software allows you to speed up the process of gathering data so that criminals can be apprehended faster.
  • It allows you to cross-check data in a timely manner and automatically looks for repeat offenders or suspicious activity among people in the database.
  • It takes the paperwork process away and replaces it with an easy-to-use automatic process that can be accessed by multiple people online.
  • It is a more cost-efficient means of gathering data than hiring a number of people to process the paper work on a daily basis, meaning it takes less staff to implement it.
  • It allows you to have control on the front end, by including the important data you wish to include with little or no programming skills necessary.
  • By using the online forms to capture information on incident reports, the whole process involving data gathering will happen more quickly, keeping all users interconnected in a very real way, providing quick results in the justice process.

The Problem

The old way worked years ago. But the problem is, with so much data needed immediately, it is difficult to stay ahead of the game in law enforcement without the correct system in place. Today, that system should be a clever combination of user-end information determined by the people involved and an easy and automated way to capture and process such information automatically so that it doesn’t require employees to do it. Getting ahead of the paper trail is the key to freeing up the manpower you need to increase the efficiency of your police department and focus on the important aspects of the job: bringing the offender to justice.

The Solution

PerfectForms knows all about forms. We also know how long it takes police departments to process paper work without some form of automation. We have the solution. With PerfectForms, you can have your staff create the information you need to include quickly and efficiently before putting the form online, then the rest will take care of itself.

For information on how we can help you design a custom form that will reflect only the important things you want included, contact us. We can help you design a form quickly and easily for your police department or other institution, so you can free up the paper trail and get back on the streets. There is no programming knowledge required and the whole process is quick and easy. With PerfectForms, you maintain control, but the speed and efficiency of the automated process will improve police operations so you can focus on what you do best.

Increasing Efficiency While Being Green: Resolutions for 2014

Monday, December 30th, 2013 by

As 2013 winds down, most of us are making personal goals and resolutions for the coming year. You don’t need to stop at just improving your personal lifestyle. Your office can also set goals as a group and as individuals. Being green is high on the agenda for most offices these days and if your staff is looking to save energy and be kinder to the environment this year, below are some things you’ll want to add to your list of resolutions:

Being more energy-conscious 

Energy isn’t just used in driving to work or in making products. Keeping your computer turned on while you go to lunch uses unnecessary energy. So does leaving the lights on in the conference room or rest room when they’re not in use. All of those little things add up. Plus, in addition to saving on your electricity usage, being energy-conscious will help your company’s bottom line.

Switching from paper to online forms

The average office worker uses more than 10,000 pieces of paper each year, according to Some types of offices, such as law firms and banks, are even more paper-heavy. Online forms help to reduce this need for paper as well as reduce the space needed for filing cabinets and other paper storage. Such online forms can also be accessible to authorized users off-site and multiple users at the same time.

Use both sides of the paper

Another simple way to reduce paper usage is to use both sides of the page for non-essential matters. This can mean using the backs of discarded pages as scrap paper or even re-inserting them in the computer printer to use as the blank back side.

Opt for recycled paper stock

When you do buy paper, look at choices made from recycled paper pulp, that’s ideally chlorine-free.

Car pool

According to, Americans can save more than eight billion gallons of gas each year if just one more person rode in each commuter car each day. That’s not just saving energy but saving dollars too.

Rethink the toxic cleaning products

Bleach and other harsh cleaners can derail your green effort. Unless you handle the purchasing, you probably don’t even think about what your cleaning staff uses. Some companies bring their own products to clean your office. If so, let them know that you prefer they use cleaning products that are environmentally-friendly.

Going green at the office is a process that won’t happen overnight. However, if you add a few new initiatives each year, you’ll soon be able to advertise to your clients and customers that you maintain a green work environment. You won’t just save money on utility bills. You could gain some new customers for your green efforts too.

Are You On The Naughty Or Nice Lean List?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 by

The traditional lean methodology as explained by Jim Womack from MIT was coined to describe Toyota’s business methodologies during the late 1980s. Since then, “lean” has grown from a business principle based on manufacturing to a methodology that can be employed in any industry. Being nice and lean can produce some amazing results that lead to better efficiencies and happier customers.

What is lean?

As the name implies, lean refers to a methodology originally used in production businesses to eliminate waste and focus on customer-added value streams by streamlining processes. Although lean processes have been around for thousands of years, it was only codified, named and outlined as previously stated in the 20th century. One of the core ideals in lean methodology is providing standardization which can be seen in production as far back as the first Chinese Emperor in 221 BC and the production of crossbows based on standardized parts. Even Toyota itself recognizes that during its research and improvement process, it studied the early assembly lines of Henry Ford and the Model T.

The core methodologies of lean include examining bloated business practices as associated with time, money and people. This wasteful examination is based on the assumption that any process that does not add value for the customer is wasteful. There are five core principles of lean:

  1. Identify value
  2. Map the value stream
  3. Create flow
  4. Establish pull
  5. Seek perfection

The true point of lean methodologies is to be able to produce more value with less resources therefore enhancing customer value and revenue.

Lean-ing the Right Way

In the world of business some departments, executives or accountants use lean to justify cost-cutting measures without truly understanding the use of a proper lean waste reduction plan. The right way to effectively implement lean principles within a company is to focus first on people. Without proper buy-in from the staff and employees within an organization the lean plan might as well be placed in the waste basket. To establish an organization’s readiness for lean program the culture of the business needs to be enhanced, educated and made aware of the end result. Employees and staff need to be actively engaged, providing input in order for them to take ownership of the plan. By effectively marketing the plan and implementing it after staff have taken ownership, lean principles will be established and followed. Proper implementation is the first key to a successful lean culture.

Mean Lean

Already hinted to above, a poor implementation of lean principles can backfire on an organization. Furthermore, if lean waste reduction principles are used as a cover for a finance department or corporate executives to cut staff and services internally within a company, morale and staff productivity will suffer as a result. Without employee or staff ownership of lean principles they simply become a front for cost cutting measures with no value added to the customer. The end result is poor customer service, worsening production or service ability and decrease in employee productivity.

Lean methodologies and principles can be a great way to enhance all aspects of the business. It does not matter if your company is a start-up, manufacturer or service type business, lean has been applied in all industries effectively. However poor implementation of lean principles can backfire and lead to poorer employee performance and increased waste in manpower.

Where to Find Support for Your Business Process Software

Friday, August 24th, 2012 by

After you buy a software package, sometimes you need help with it. It’s not unusual to need help setting it up, or to have questions after implementation.

Many software companies offer minimal help after you buy their product. But that’s not so with Perfect Forms. At Perfect Forms, they are there to support you after your purchase.

Their comprehensive online Help Center is packed full of information for the do-it-yourself troubleshooter. You can search through the online documents on Planning Your Workflow and Planning Your Form Design, as well as consult the Quick Start Guide and the Help Guide. There are over 20 videos to help you with specific issues such as importing and exporting forms and data.

If the user guides and videos don’t provide the answers you are looking for, there’s also the online help forum where you can ask specific questions. And you can always submit a support inquiry, which allows you to describe your issue, attach screenshots, and send it directly to the Perfect Forms help staff for an answer.

At Perfect Forms, they are confident you will find their online system intuitive and easy to use. But should you need assistance, they are there to help you every step of the way.

How Process Management Software Can Help Your Employee Training Program

Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

It’s well known how process management software can help your business. Having a designated workflow can keep things running smoothly and efficiently in areas such as marketing and personnel. And another way your company can benefit is in training your employees.

Just like vacation requests in human resources, PerfectForms can be utilized to set up a workflow for employees to request training. Requests, manager approvals, funding, and follow ups can all be integrated into the workflow. This information can be tracked to see what training courses have been taken, what is still required, and to follow up to measure the effectiveness of training courses.

The PerfectForms system can also be used to create a schedule for recurring or mandatory employee training. This will keep track of which employees have completed their requirements, and which still need training.

Another function of process management software in the training department is to create online training modules that employees can take while at their desks. This works well for mandatory training on company rules and policies, or ethics, and also for any additional employee enrichment programs. Not only can the software track who has taken courses, but it can also deliver the training module. This will save time not only in recordkeeping, but also in hiring trainers, booking conference rooms, and rearranging employee schedules. Employees are likely to comply if they can take this type of training when it’s convenient for them.

Training is just one of many functions available with PerfectForms software. Take a look at their free online demo today to see how else they can help your business.

Trilliant: Making the World a Greener Place through PerfectForms

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 by

Today’s customer success story comes to us from the cutting edge energy solutions firm Trilliant. Trilliant provides network solutions and software for monitoring and controlling electric, gas, and water utility use, in real time, through the Trilliant ‘Smart Grid Network’. Through its monitoring services, Trilliant is able to provide utility companies with state-of-the-art metering and communications infrastructures that can reduce energy consumption and costs for consumers.

Trilliant’s CIO Tom Hines initially considered PerfectForms because of its affordability and simplicity, particularly in comparison to other SaaS solutions. Tom’s positive experience while implementing the service led to Trilliant’s entire Non-Disclosure Agreement process being automated using a PerfectForms application. Since that time, PerfectForms has become an essential tool in streamlining Trilliant’s day-to-day operations.

In addition to providing form creation and automation capabilities, PerfectForms is used by Trilliant as a powerful process mapping tool, which allows administrators to understand and streamline workflow processes. By identifying daily work connection points, Trilliant is able to document all pending items and procedures, better address inefficiencies and manage time and resource investments. This internal management process has been greatly improved thanks to the versatile nature of PerfectForms, saving Trilliant significant time and money.

Just another example of how PerfectForms and our business partners are working hard towards making this world a better, more efficient place.

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