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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

A form owner may choose to allow others permissions to access the form in various ways.


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To grant form permissions:


1.Go to the Forms Dashboard.

2.Navigate to a form in the Edit Forms tree. The Permissions box on the form details area differs depending on whether the form is a shared form. Also note that the Permissions box is not shown on any forms for which you may have access but are not the form owner. The images below show the look of the details area for a private form on the left vs. the details area of a shared form on the right.

Private Form Details Area
Shared Form Details Area


3.To add a permission, click Add. Permissions are assigned to the following user categories:

Users - These are individual accounts within PerfectForms™.

Groups - These are groups of users.

Positions - This is a special category that is an organizational position occupied by one user only (CFO, for example).

World - This is any anonymous user who can access the form without being logged in to PerfectForms™ and who does not need to be identified. For On-Demand users, this means anyone who knows the URL of the form or anyone visiting a Web page with an embedded form.

Everyone - This is anyone who has a user account with PerfectForms™.

Note: The groups World and Everyone have special meaning. World represents anyone accessing the form. This requires no authentication from the person accessing the form. This means that, if on the Internet, anyone can complete a new form. World has no relevance for any permission type other than View and the others require access to PerfectForms™ or a log in to access the features.


4.If the form has not been shared, only the View permission is granted. If the form is a shared form and you are the form owner, you can choose from a list of specific permissions for any user in the list. Note that if the permission does not have a check next to it (to neither Allow nor Deny), the permission will not be allowed. Permission options include:

View - This is the ability to create a new, empty form instance.

Edit - This allows a user to edit the form itself using the Form Designer.

Publish - Allows a user to deploy the form by clicking the Publish button.

Data - Allows the user to select this form as a datasource in the Report Designer. It also allows the user to view instances for which they have a role and allows the user to view the Data History of a form instance. To allow a user access to all form instances, regardless of whether or not they have a role in the instance, see Allowing Access to All Form Instances (for Process Owners).

API - This allows other users to access the form API when it is shared.

Full Control - This enables all of the above.



This screenshot shows that permissions have been granted to:


A user: John Jones

The user-group - Billing

The special group - Everyone

The special group - World


Select an object in the Permissions box to see the specific permissions granted for that object.

Permission Options Breakdown