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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

The .NET connection agent can be thought of as the gatekeeper to your databases as far as exposing data to PerfectForms™. The Connection Agent is required for the following connection types:


Database (Oracle XE, SQL Server 2005 / 2012, MySQL 5.0 / 5.6, Sybase ASE 15.0, DB2 and MS Access)

Directory services (LDAP/Active Directory)

Text/CSV files

 Note: Oracle SID and SERVICE_NAME connection types are both supported in the .NET Connection Agent


If a form needs access to a database then contact the database administrator or system administrator and provide the following information:


The database that needs to be accessed

Which tables need to be accessed

Which users or user groups should be granted access


The database administrator can then provide a user name and password that gives access only to specific databases and tables. The database administrator can control who is able to build forms that have read-only or read-write access to specific databases. A PerfectForms™ administrator is then given the login details and can set up connections that talk to the connection agent.


Installation instructions follow.


The purpose of this section is to explain the installation steps of the .NET Connection Agent and pre-requisites to be installed in the system.  It is intended for the administrator/users who will be installing the connection agent. In order to install the connection agent on the system the pre-requisites should be fulfilled and a copy of the connection agent installer downloaded.


The PerfectForms™ HTML Player users a proxy to communicate with the Connection Agent ; it will only work if the application can connect with the Connection Agent.

In the On-Demand environment this means that the Connection Agent must be publicly accessible (on a public IP address).

Calls from the PerfectForms™ application must be able to reach the Connection Agent.

In an On-Premise environment this means that the application server must have access to the server hosting the Connection Agent.


For reference, the only domain that needs to be white-listed is

PerfectForms™ uses the following IP addresses: