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Filling in and Submitting a Form

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Complete the steps below to fill in a form and submit a form instance. There are a variety of methods of accessing a form for the purpose of filling it in. Depending on whether you have a basic user or full user account, these access methods include:


From a link contained in a system e-mail

From the form details on the Dashboard

On a Web page that has a form embedded in it.


The following steps for filling in a new form instance are valid for full or basic users. Note that you must have been granted permission to view the form by the form owner in order for it to show in your View Forms tree. (For additional information on permissions see the Granting Form Permissions topic.)


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1.Go to the Forms Dashboard.

2.In the View Forms tree, navigate to the form for which you want to create a new instance.

3.In the details area, click New Instance.

4.Fill in the required fields and click Submit.


Note: If, for any reason, you open more than one copy of a form instance, you will only be permitted to submit one of the open form instances.