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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

In a long survey or form you will find that form users will want to save their work on a form instance at some point and come back to it later on. In this sample form, we accommodate this need through the following methods:


A Save button is included at the bottom of each page of the form. This allows the form user to save all work completed to that point (on the current page and on any other pages visited in the form).

A link is e-mailed to the form user that allows them to return to their form instance and pick up where they left off.


Note: There may be occasions when a form or survey needs to remain confidential but the requirement to save and return later is also essential. To view a sample form where this additional confidentiality requirement is addressed, see the Confidential Save and Return Example.


You can incorporate more sophisticated workflow into this type of form so saving can be done up until the point that the form is ready to move to the next workflow stage. At that point, you can even block the form user from making additional changes. This demonstration includes:



Basic use of Notification behavior command


Note: To download this form, click here. Then extract import the form. Log on to PerfectForms™, go to the Forms Dashboard and click the Import button. Then select the form file you saved locally (.PF) and continue through the import steps.