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Before diving in to build your first form, we suggest you step back and examine the workflow to decide exactly what data you want to collect, who should be involved in the process and what should happen at each step along the way. Once this is done, it’s much easier to design and build forms with clear objectives in mind. Careful planning enables you to move forward with confidence, knowing that you are minimizing revisions by building all the components right the first time. With a clear plan in place, our simple, intuitive form and workflow building tools will have you creating powerful apps amazingly fast.



Process Planning View Video

Covers the basic steps of process planning that you should perform before you get started building your application.

Creating Your First Form View Video

Learn how to design, layout, and add unique form objects that enable data collection and decision making.

Behaviors View Video

Demonstrates how to add intelligence to your forms and trigger behaviors, such as calculations, mandatory field checks, question/page skipping, and other conditional actions.

Workflow View Video

Covers how to build a workflow by logical stages, add and map roles, and establish conditions to drive the workflow process.