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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to change the responding address in email notifications sent from PerfectForms?

Yes, you can override the default email server and select a custom SMTP server to send notifications by adding email servers as Resources at the account level. See Adding an Account Resource- Email Server for details.

2. Can PerfectForms share data with external systems or databases?

Yes, your forms or workflow applications can connect to external data sources such as other databases, LDAP and CSV. To learn more about integrating with external data sources and the Connection Agent, see Web Services Connections, Database Connections and The Connection Agent for details.

3. Can I enter data in online forms if I don’t have an Internet connection?

If you have the Offline Form Manager installed, you can download the forms and workflow applications locally and then view and fill out form instances when you don’t have an Internet connection. You save the responses locally and when you are online again, you can submit the form instances. See Managing Forms, Managing Form Instances and Submitting Form Instances for details.

4. Can I open an individual form instance from a report?

If you would like to open a form instance from a report, just include a data list or data grid in your report and select the source for one of the columns as ‘Meta-link.’ Then those accessing the report, can click the Link button and the form instance for that individual row will open. See Creating Reporting Portal and Adding a Filter Selector for details.

5. Can I access forms and workflow applications on a mobile device?

Yes, the forms and workflow applications are in HTML so they can be accessed on a mobile phone or tablet. You cannot design forms or reports on a mobile device.