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Before starting the process of building your first form or finance workflow application, we suggest you carefully examine the workflow to determine which stakeholders should be involved in each step of the financial workflow process, what should happen at each specific workflow stage and the data that you would like to collect for reporting. Once this analysis is complete, it is much easier to guide your design process with clear objectives in mind. If you spend more time, up-front, planning your process, it also helps you avoid rework at later stages. With clearly defined requirements, you can move forward with implementing your online form or workflow solution using our intuitive, drag and drop designer.



Planning the Process View Video

Outlines the basic steps to plan your workflow process that you should complete prior to building your online form of workflow solution.

Designing a Form View Video

Demonstrates how to layout your user interface and reviews the financial form objects available in the Toolbox.

Defining Behaviors View Video

Covers how to add logic to define how your forms and workflow solutions will behave based on user actions, including mandatory field checks, questions/page skipping and calculations.

Building the Workflow View Video

Reviews how to map a workflow by defining stages, adding specific roles and setting special conditions that should apply to the workflow process.