Put Your Application to Work


Deploy your online form and workflow solutions in the Cloud (on our servers) or On-premise (on your server), whichever option best meets your unique needs. When launching a new solution into production, you simply click the Publish button to deploy your new form or workflow application. How your users access the solution is entirely up to you. A published form or workflow application can be accessed by a link in an email notification, embedded fully in a web site or launched from the Forms Dashboard.



Testing your Form or Workflow Application Read Article

To ensure the HTML form or workflow application meets all your stakeholders’ requirements and performs as expected, it is important to ensure adequate time for testing workflows and forms. PerfectForms offers a draft mode so you can test your forms and workflow applications prior to launch.

Publishing Your Form or Workflow Application Read Article

Publish your form or workflow solution by clicking a button, Once published, you can embed your solution in a web page, provide the link in the email notification or access the form or workflow solution from the Forms Dashboard.