Share Data Seamlessly



Data collected in your online forms and workflow applications can be shared other forms, external applications and databases. Data can be pulled from directory services or send and receive data from legacy systems through web services or API, all without coding. PerfectForms can help you extend the capabilities of existing legacy systems, without requiring expensive customization efforts. services or send and receive data from various systems through web services or API.

PerfectForms also offers specific integration components for:

  • Google Spreadsheets



Creating Connections with other Systems View Video

Learn to set up a connection, populate drop down lists, populate tables and import data from external sources that can be used in your forms and workflow applications.

Syncing with Active Directory (LDAP) View Video

Covers how to set up a connection to an active directory service using LDAP to maintain user details.

Integrating with Salesforce View Video

Demonstrates the steps to establish integration with Salesforce to read, write, update and delete data for online forms and workflow applications.

Integrating with Google Spreadsheets View Video

Illustrates how to set up integration with Google Spreadsheets, including how to read, write, update and delete data.

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