Turn Data Into Insights


With the powerful reporting capabilities, you can get complete visibility of your workflow process, from end to end. Data collected in your online form and workflow applications can be summarized in bar charts, pie charts, cross tabulations, gauges and other reporting objects. Access to real time data will enable you to make quick, informed decisions. Build a reporting portal so you can see all your processes at a glance in one single Dashboard for easy monitoring and tracking of all your workflow processes.



Getting Visibility on your Workflow Process View Video

This tutorial video covers basic reporting capabilities and includes working with pie charts, bar charts, line charts, data tables, data lists, cross tabulations, gauges and filters, It shows you how to take the date collected in your HTML forms and workflow applications and turn it into insights to drive decision making.

Designing a Report Read Article

The Designing a Report help topic provide an overview of Report Designer and covers how to create a report, set report permissions, add data sources and how to deploy a report.