Re: Accessing a Progress database (RDBMS)



I was originally envisioning a system where Perfect Forms writes to our Progress database upon Form submission, but I think what you’re suggesting is that because of compatibility issues, we’ll need to use the Perfect Forms API to read Form data, then manually write it to the database ourselves? Like instead of pushing data to the database, we’ll have to pull it in? Basically changing the starting point of the information exchange… database retrieves PF data and writes it to itself, instead of PF going into the database and writing the data in.

I’m sorry if all this sounds like it’s coming out of left field, as I might not understand what you’re saying. It’s just that I think the User Guide says something different than what you described. Here’s what I’m reading in the User Guide: The “…API allows you to pass data into PerfectForms™ and extract it from third party applications”. To me, this doesn’t sound like it has the ability to write data to a database, and none of the “common uses” listed there for the API are of this nature.

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