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Hi Sasidhar, the Agent URL is the same URL that was used in testing to make sure that the PerfectFormsAgent was running (Step 5 of the PerfectFormsAgent_Install_Instructions document). For example, if the URL you use to test to see if the PerfectFormsAgent was running is “//localhost:8080/PerfectFormsAgent”, then when creating the connection in the Perfectforms dashboard, you would use “//localhost:8080/PerfectFormsAgent” as the Agent URL.

In order to complete the process so that you can verify that you have established a successful connection, in the sections marked username/password on the Perfectforms dashboard beneath where you entered the Agent URL, you will use the “username/password” that are found in the config.xml file, located in the tomcat_install_dir/webapps/PerfectFormsAgent/WEB-INF directory. After you’ve supplied the login information, click check to verify you have connectivity.

For more information on the Connection Agent, please see the following topic in the user guide: /Documentation/tutorials/administering/html/d_connectionsintegration.htm