Re: Attachments – Save externally


V 2.0 allows Ability to Store File Attachments as

Individual Files in the File System.

Historically, all file attachments that are added to a form-instance using the “File Attachment” form object have been stored in the PerfectForms database as “Blobs”. The system has been enhanced to now offer the System Administrator the ability to choose

whether or not to store the file attachments as Blobs in the PerfectForms database or as individual files in the file system. Benefits for storing as individual files


– Keeping the size of the database small

– Easier access to file attachments files (without going through the product UI)

– Ability to distribute storage between different machines

For instructions on how to designate where attachments are saved, please see our documentation: /Documentation/manual/html/?fg_file_attachment_storage.htm.

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