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I dug a little deeper and I think I’ve found the issue. I created a blank new form and put a button and a dropdown on it. I left the dropdown with the 3 default items (item 1, 2, 3), but I added a connect command to the dropdown changes field data event. The connect command runs a simple action that doesnt need any parameters and returns 2 fields. I didnt map those fields to anything in this test. Then in my button, in the button is pressed event, I have a set field command that sets the dropdown value to 3. and then runs a connect command right after that. The connect command is set up exactly the same as the one i added to the dropdown’s event. In that very simple example, the form locks up/becomes disabled. Now, if you move the connect command in the button is pressed event to happen before the set field command, then it works fine. It’s like the button is pressed behavior isn’t aware that another event just fired and isn’t waiting for it to finish and then it disables the form. Is anyone else able to reproduce this behavior?