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It’s not really that they rely on one another in this instance. In the example I described above in my original post, all the connect commands pretty much run independent of one another. They are all grabbing different data to help prefill the form. Is there documentation of this expected behavior? I know this is probably not a common issue, but knowing which events/actions will run asynchronously would be helpful. Also, when you say connection actions are asynchronous, do you mean to say that if I have a behavior workflow that runs multiple connection actions one after the other, they will basically execute at the same time and not wait for the previous to finish? If so, my connection actions run fine in that way. I have alot of events where multiple connect actions occur one after the other. In the issue I am describing and the simple example i created on a blank form, it really seems more like a bug. Especially, if multiple connect actions that do not rely on one another for data should be allowed to run asynchronously. Were you able to reproduce the behavior in the simple example i described?