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If moving the ‘set field’ command that is involving the stored procedure to the end of this list of actions clears this problem up it would seem to relate to that stored procedure and it could be that it is still trying to ‘complete’ its actions when the subsequent connect actions are running and so causing a conflict. Have a look how the script actions run in ‘debug’ mode as you may see some additional information there, and also with your connections, refer to the connection agent log file, there may be additional detail there as well.

It could be that the stored procedure isn’t running quickly enough or your SQL server is not responding promptly enough, and the other subsequent actions are also running and causing conflicts

but over all of this, do you have ALL these actions running from one form event ? I wonder if you are able to rationalise these to be more efficient or even split them up so that all are not running at the same time. for example are you able to invoke the first ‘connect’ action from when the LAST of the three fields that are being copied into has ‘changed data’, then invoke the ‘set field’ action from the last field that is written/changed from the connect action.. ie spread the load out so one ‘action’ runs when the previous has completed and so if your stored procedure is taking a while to complete there are not other subsequent actions trying to run until it has