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Hello Ian, I tried the validation for email using the search function, I have some questions.

I notice that I can not get search to search for ‘.’, I have also tried just using ‘.’ with out ‘@’ and nothing.

Is there something special about ‘.’ that you can not search for it?.

I looked at the help file for search. would flags help?, could not make to much it.

Searches for the specified pattern within the text field and returns the position of pattern. If there is no matching pattern, -1 is returned. Flags can be used to provide more control and may be chained together if needed, as in ‘gis’.


Replaces all occurrences of pattern rather than just the first one.


The function is executed without case sensitivity.


Within the pattern or replace text parameters, the dot ‘.’ character matches new-line characters.


The caret (^) character and dollar sign ($) match before and after new-line characters. (This modifier corresponds to the multiline property of the RegExp instance.)


White space characters are ignored in the pattern so that you can write more readable constructors.

Could you clarify what s and m mean.

Thank you. Tim