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Please do not take this as legal advice. Statutes vary from state to state. There are many different definitions of and requirements for e-signatures. ID and password is one way to do it. If you are using SSO it may meet your requirements. If you are doing a form integration with AD remember that passwords in AD are encrypted and therefore cannot be used in a behavior.

Some companies use actual signature tablets. One customer created an integration with AlphaTrust to support digital signatures. I do not know how AlphaTrust defines it or accomplishes it.

I have also developed a small “directory” using PerfectForms. My sample has a main form (It happens to be an absence request form, but could be anything), a user information form, and a connection. It requires the user to log in to the form with an ID and Pass. If they don’t have one, they can create one. If they need to change their Pass they can. If your company is current with PerfectForms maintenance I can send you the forms. If you want them send a Support inquiry: /support_contact.php

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