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I wonder if there may be a case where you haven’t uncovered the ‘power’ of what you can do in perfectforms reporting ?

for instance, could it be a reasonable assumption that for each of your 2 authorities here, you have had to present the same data (just filtered to the specific authority)?

If so you could have set up one ‘report’ with all your data as required, and then with a ‘filter input’ field where you can then select the authority. All the data on the report will then be filtered just to show for that authority, and you can then print that report out as required (the current release 1.14 now supports the ability to print out reports as well). You can start setting up your report as the data is being collected if the specific reporting requirements are not known at the time you start designing your form to collect the data and reports also support ‘version control’ so if you were asked to ‘update/change’ the report format (or even the form content as well), this can be done without loosing any other collected data

There may of course be other reasons that meant you couldn’t effectively achieve this from a perfectforms report and please do get back to us with that as we would always like to understand what our users are experiencing to see if we can make things better for you