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Thanks Dennis. I appreciate the response, and you’ll forgive the further questions!…

Regarding the saving to the database, if let’s say my customer:

1) attaches a 10MB file to their PF record, and clicks save

2) revisits that same record at a later date to edit another field (simple text change in a textfield)

3) then saves the record

Is the write/insert to the database for that record an incremental change, i.e. update the DB record with that one field change, or do ALL the fields, including the attachment get written to the DB again?

Regarding v2 – I’m discussing how we move towards v2 with our local supplier, but they advise we can only use a trial version on our Staging (non-public) website, which by all accounts is valid for only 30 days, and limited to x10 Users, else we would need to buy additional licenses (and I’m talking a testing service to move to a free upgrade!) neither satisfy our testing criteria, so I’m hopeful they can offer something that is more flexible to our needs.