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ijobling, once again thank you for your response all is working fine. I did not have the stage set. Everything is pleasingly generalized in that there is no personal info hard coded in to my child form, it all comes from my parent form. I have one more step and that is to create a parent child relationship between my Parent form(DBform) and my child form(testform).

I created an input field(to store InstanceID) call it DB-InstID and a button on DBform.

Under the button behavior I have:

Start-setfield DB-InstID to empty-Submitdata-ShowForm-Exit.

Showform: I am choosing Single Child and DB-InstID to hold the InstanceID.

The child has a behavior on form open, were I have my connection set.

In my DBform I populate my table, then click my button. The testform opens, the drop down boxes fill, but the drop down boxes have additional choices from previous instances. Is there any way to have the drop down boxes have only the input from the most recent Instance?