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ijobling, thanks for your responses. Here is what I am tiring to do. I have a main form with 11 pages (call it mainform), page 11 is a set up page, it has a drop down box amongst other things which when a persons name is selected populates various input boxes in the other 10 pages. I have a second form called DBform, it has a table with sales people’s names, gender ect…

I want to populate the drop down box on the set up page of mainform with the names from the table on my DBform. I have read about connections and played with making one but am a little lost on how to proceed.

Do I create a Insert or update connection, am I inserting in to drop down box or updating a drop down box, do I start from the mainform or DBform. Sorry to ask such basic questions but I am not getting how to proceed. Your advice is appreciated.