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Thanks for your response. The problem is not to do with printing from within PerfectForms. I have many forms where I have added a print facility on the form and they work okay.

The problem is trying to print using the Internet Explorer print facility. We have some forms without the Perfectforms print function, I try to print layouts, workflows, etc. during form design, all of which used to work on my machine and have now been reduced to a small image in the top left corner of the page. I have even printed the dashboard screen (for a tutorial)and that is now reduced to the small image.

Trying this on a colleague’s machine still works okay. I think the issue is related to PerfectForms use of Internet Explorer but only on my machine and a couple of others. Have tried all the permutations of printer setups and preferences both in the printer and Internet Explorer options. This used to work and has now changed – don’t know when, whether with a Perfectforms update, Internet Explorer update or an associated update like Java, etc.

Since it works okay on other colleague’s machines, I don’t think it is purely a PerfectForms issue – hoped some of your other forum readers may have experienced the same thing