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Hi Dennis – this was really helpful. I have got as far as your “another bit of advice”. I have created the behaviour that you describe, in “Form Opens” in the child. (Is there a False response to the simple branch? I don’t think so…)

My child forms show correctly with the email address in place (I’ll hide the field in due course..) Can you advise me where to build the notification behaviour? I have currently got it in “page is opened” in the child, but it isn’t working… Also, should it be child opens, notification is sent, child closes, or child opens, child closes, notification is sent? Or doesn’t it matter? What is the difference between the showing of the form (behaviour in the parent) and the user opening the form from the email notification – I mean, should I be doing the notification in the behaviour in the parent? (I think I may be answering my own question as I write it….! But would welcome your advice.)

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