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I have created a workflow in my child form where stage one is a default stage, and stage 2 is when the form closes (but I haven’t made it a Closed stage – should I? – there is more to follow, when the recipient completes and submits from the notification) On the join path I have created a notification as you have described. The notification takes the email address from a field that is set in the behaviour when the form opens. I know this behaviour works. However, the notification email isn’t working. I wondered about the email settings (server) but I have made email notifications work in other forms by leaving it as “default” so I don’t think that is the problem.

Also re your help: “I will add another bit of advice: If you want the child to simply open, grab the custom parameter, close, and send a notification, use a hidden helper field in the child. Create a behavior on when the form opens. Start with a simple branch – is the hidden field empty? If true, then set the hidden field with a 1 (or any other value), set the email field with the custom parameter, and submit the form (closing the browser window). When the user clicks the link in the notification to access their form instance there will be a value in the hidden field so the instance will remain open for them! ” – how can I submit the form here when it is full of mandatory fields that the user has to complete? If a child form opens, has fields set in it, and then closes, what happens to it? Does it have to open, have fields set in it, and be submitted in some way or other? I’m lost!