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I am very glad to find this discussion regarding object states in roles/stages. Though it was from 1 year ago, but this is very relevant to my problem. I currently am struggling with object state management – I am seeing objects states differences from the “browser view” (LH ToolBar, State and Mandatory, when I “view as” certain roles at certain stages), to the published form in the corresponding stage/role. After resetting a few times, I still cannot get all the objects to work right.

For the published forms, I am able to see the form is correctly sent through the stages that I have defined in the workflow, the URLs within the notification emails also have lead the “stage owners” to the form, but some of the objects’ states on the published form just cannot be controlled as I have wished, unlike what I can see from the preview (through View As from LH menu).

I have set all the object states based on the Tutorial’s recommendation: “State Priority”, with 4-level of object states review and set up in sequence. At this point, I am wondering if there is anything else I am missing, or if there are any other special tips regarding setting the object states, and how to make sure that I haven’t left out anything critical, as this is really a very tedious and time-consuming process. We are currently using v. 1.18. Thanks.

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