Re: How do Field States work



when you are previewing the form, look to the top left title where you will also see the ‘stage’ and ‘role’ that the form is in when you are previewing.

when you are running the form in ‘draft’ mode, it will then be following the rules you have set on the form for the stage and roles involved and can show differently.

If you go to the ‘browser’ view (LH Toolbar) you can see there the ‘state and mandatory’ and where you can select the stage and role, then click the ‘STATE’ button and it will list all your objects and show you what state they are in for that stage/role and it may help you identify your issue

When the form is first accessed it will load in the stage that you have set as the ‘default’ stage, and will load in the ALL role. when the form is then submitted, it will go into the next stage as per your workflow diagram, and in the notification you send out is where you can define the role to that person so when they access the form it loads in that next stage and in that role as per the notification. Anyone else trying to access the form in that stage will load in the ALL role.

so basically look at the ALL role as ‘anyone else I haven’t specifically defined’ and then the users you are ‘notifying’ to , you set their role in the notify action

By all means though, send over to us ( an export of your form and details of what is happening and what you want to happen and we’d be happy to have a look for you. ‘fresh pair of eyes’ etc

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