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We may need a call to discuss this because I do not understand either. The condition to move from the Manager’s stage is that all 7 managers must approve. To move from the Director’s stage only 1 director must approve. But then you said that you added an escalated notification to the directors to (from?) the management stage.

If enough time elapses a message is sent to the directors. Once a director approves it (is the director approving it in the missing manager’s stead? That would make sense) sends email out to all the directors to approve (for directors stage).

I thought that only 1 director needed to approve it – ? Perhaps so, but you are simply saying that you are notifying all of them and only one needs to approve – which is fine.

So to your question which is “Do I use one approval stage for managers and directors?” I would say no, in fact I would add another “Closed” stage where it can move after a director has approved it.

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