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There are several ways to accomplish this, I would have a hidden check box for each person. When that person does their bit (approves/denies)use a Set Field behavior object to put a check in their box. We suggest that the best practice for notifications is in the workflow. Place a notification behavior on the join path between stages. you will need a beginning stage and at least a stage for each one of your approvers. You will need join paths from the first stage to each approvers stage, and join paths from each approvers stage to all of the other approvers stages. Place conditions on the join paths for moving from one stage to another: If check box Person A is checked, go to that stage and along the way, send the notification. If the instance is in stage “Person A” and Person C approves it then a condition needs to be set that if Person A AND Person C check boxes are checked move to stage “Person C”, etc…

On each join path place your specific notification object.

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